The mix of low-code and pro-code

Are you faced with the challenge of processing huge volumes of documents manually and want a more efficient solution? Use our first-class software solution for automated document processing, which is specially tailored to the needs of companies. It's up to you to decide which approach best suits your requirements.

Our innovative platform combines the advantages of low-code and pro-code.

Konfuzio offers a flexible and powerful solution for your document requirements.

Low-code for quick solutions with less effort

Low-Code is the ideal choice for companies that want to develop solutions quickly and efficiently without having to dive deep into programming.

Our low-code platform allows you to create automated processes for your document processing through an intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop functionality.

What is low-code?

Low-code refers to a development environment that enables users to create applications with minimal manual programming effort. Visual development tools and ready-made components allow users without in-depth programming knowledge to develop efficient and functional solutions.

Pro code for customized solutions with complex requirements

For companies with specific and complex requirements, our Pro code-platform to delve deep into programming and develop customized solutions.

With complete control over the code, you can make the most of the functionalities and performance of our platform.

What is Pro-Code?

Pro-Code offers the possibility of customizing software solutions through extensive programming. This approach is aimed at professional developers who want to create customized, highly complex applications for specific requirements.

Why Konfuzio?

Konfuzio offers you not only advanced technologies, but also comprehensive support and advice. This is how we ensure that your automation projects are a success.


Benefit from our many years of experience and our deep understanding of document processing and automation.


Our dedicated team is at your side every step of the way - from implementation to ongoing maintenance.


Stay ahead of the competition with our constantly evolving technologies and functions.

We understand the challenges of document processing and offer customized solutions tailored to your specific business requirements.