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What do you get with Konfuzio?

All-in-one tool for automatic processing of documents

The HybridAI infrastructure in Konfuzio enables solving the needs of use cases in any industry.

Intelligent Document Processing

Processors use many different pieces of information from documents, interpret them, and then use the knowledge gained for further processing. The recognition of all these features is part of the Konfuzio AI and thus also allows similar interpretations. Extensive semantic analysis and segmentation, including table recognition, enable the targeted extraction of repetitive structures. Konfuzio AI thus allows full automation of the documents of a business case.

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Automatically categorized filing

Thanks to the combination of a wide variety of AI technologies, our Document AI a deep understanding of the document content and thus enables reliable assignment to the respective business transaction. This allows the qualitative automation of large volumes and complex information structures without delays, regardless of the input channel.

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API & SDK Development

Konfuzio offers developers extensive access to customize the document AI in addition to the web interface. With the KI and UI module, own document workflows can be implemented particularly individually.

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Input management

Process your mail and email inbox with the automatic Extraction of data from PDF, image, Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents such as invoices, waybills, contracts and system reports.

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Emails with attachments

Emails are unstructured and often have multiple attachments. For automation, the attachments and context to the actual email must be understood, extracted and processed. This can be automated with Konfuzio AI and the extraction of email data such as orders, lead notifications, system alerts and travel confirmations can be implemented.

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Preparation for DMS/ECM and document archive

Automatic preparation and correction through categorization, assignment and filing in the document archive. Secured and qualitative capture of index values and search filters: This enables cost-effective and fast reprocessing of paper archives or qualitative reprocessing and migration of existing digital archives along with conversion, image preparation, optimized OCR and other reprocessing of existing or new incoming documents.

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Forego hardcoded rules
customizable AI
Not layout based
Scans & Images
"We see great potential in this technological approach and see many use cases at the Bundesbank."
Prof. Joachim Wuermeling
Executive Board, Deutsche Bundesbank

Use cases for intelligent document processing with AI

IDP software for all document types

Konfuzio is the most advanced multi-channel input management platform
Typical documents in use cases of our customers

The manual entry and management of incoming invoices, purchase orders, Advices and credit notes not only means an enormous amount of time in financial accounting, but also high costs. In incoming invoices, Konfuzio can recognize a wide variety of vendors with a single AI, automatically transferring information per invoice item and the reference to a purchase order to e.g. Datev, Microsoft Dynamics or SAP.

Documents AI Invoice Parser

More sales thanks to artificial intelligence. Sales employees are often asked to make a counteroffer to a competitor's insurance policy during a consultation. This requires reading insurance policies, finding insured perils, policyholders or, in the case of motor vehicles, drivers, in order to then calculate the relevant rates. Konfuzio supports brokers and agents in finding the relevant information in real time. Thus, a counter offer can be submitted quickly.

Konfuzio automatically processes all identification and reference numbers from your vehicle registration documents. This saves tedious typing. Thanks to AI, you get error-free results in real time and can process your applications with much less time. Especially for car platforms or in fleet management a helpful tool.

Vehicle registration OCR

Administrations and government agencies have to deal with a large number of documents and sometimes a complex validation chain. Many institutions and citizens rely on the accessibility of information and in many cases speed is required. In addition, information entered by hand into forms can be extracted and processed. This allows you to transfer information from application forms to your database quickly and efficiently.

"Additive automation through NLP provides a new value driver to allow us to reliably focus on customized services in the future."
Jürg Zimmermann
Executive Vice President, Cargologic AG

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