AI for the intelligent automation of documents

Use Konfuzio to unlock insights from

Stop manually typing in important data. Use our document AI platform to OCR, categorize, and extract information from documents to put information where your business needs it, automate processes, or analyze data.

Our documents AI understands content like a human: see for yourself

It learns the classification and extraction of your domain-specific texts from a low two-digit number of documents. The highlight of the matter: This is fully automatic without the intervention of our IT experts. On request, our experts will help you train your AI. Use the contact form.
Different file formats of possible input data for the AI

1. Upload your documents

Train your AI based on your domain-specific keywords and phrases.

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2. Active Learning 

In a few hours, you build a dataset and train the AI.

Dashboard analysis and evaluation

3. Evaluation and Operation

Classify documents, extract information and give constant feedback to the AI.

Independently adjustable

You determine which information is extracted from which types of documents. Without manual rules, the AI learns to recognize information through your examples. Train your AI based on your domain-specific keywords and phrases.

Constantly learning

Unlike conventional IT, AI learns through human feedback and thus continuously improves the recognition rate. Versioned AI models including automated quality tests increase the transparency of this learning curve and thus user acceptance.

100 % Satisfaction

Be it the integration of Konfuzio into your workflows, the autonomous use as a white label solution or a joint IT architecture workshop. A dedicated support will assist you in the first year free of charge and ensures your ROI of your AI.

Active learning as a workout booster for your AI

Our data-centric software makes AI accessible for more teams and a lot more use cases by improving the capabilities of AI models. Especially in models with smaller datasets, the performance improves significantly.

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Why does Konfuzio exist?

Our experience gathered in various industries identified AI success factors. These have significantly shaped the development of Konfuzio.

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Cheap data sourcing enables data-driven innovation

Data-driven solutions can be implemented cost-effectively if new daily incoming data or archive data is accessible in a structured way. The approach must be easily & quickly adaptable to the data source.

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Domain-specific AI projects are more successful

AI unfolds its full potential when the experts can teach their industry expertise to the AI. The standardization of the user interface simplifies the use even for the non technical experts.

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AI services must be easy to operate, secure and affordable

The highest requirements for data protection and data security are also the basis for every AI development. The standardization of processes through a platform allows the most favorable operation of an AI. 

Use cases for intelligent automation in data-driven enterprises

Our customers use Konfuzio as a distribution center for unstructured data in documents, tweets, emails and many other texts. Through the AI platform, the right information is delivered directly to the responsible employees to enable better and faster decision making. The additional information in the respective documents provides additional added value for the data repository through its structuring and categorization and will not get lost for future, data-driven decisions.

How does Konfuzio work?

Our powerful machine learning solution extracts information quickly and accurately from any document to feed structured data into downstream systems.

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1. Segmentation per page

Our Deep Computer Vision-based model has been trained with more than 100,000 documents and recognizes elements such as tables, paragraphs and headings across projects and regardless of language.

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2. Text recognition

Depending on the quality of the incoming document, we select the relevant technology for text recognition. Even on-premise, very good results can be achieved with an LSTM Deep Net.

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3. Automatic reading

Our Natural Language Processing Tool recognizes basic elements, so-called entities, for each language. Elements such as persons, places, companies and dates are combined with information from the computer vision model.

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4. Transfer learning

AI – the core of Konfuzio AI – recognizes information in context. For example, the street is assigned to the supplier, the invoice number to the invoice and the item number to an invoice item. The AI also distinguishes between the address of the supplier and the recipient.

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5. Rules of the department

Before the transfer via API or the CSV download of the structured data, it is possible for Konfuzio to apply further rules, e.g. checking the validity of the VAT identification number.

Latest information about our Document AI Konfuzio

Our software is continuously improved and developed on a daily basis. With our contributions, we offer the greatest possible transparency in research & development and also report on AI successes of our customers.


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