Data-driven digital specialist processes

Konfuzio increases the power of human knowledge, harmonizes existing processes, supports tasks in a comprehensible way or manages them autonomously.

Data and processes with
Konfuzio seamless.

Accelerate decision-making processes and maximize the productivity of your workflows with Konfuzio data processing.


Record data flows

Transactional documents

Automated capture of business-critical documents such as invoices.

Narrative documents

Extraction of information from flowing text documents such as contracts.

Data silos

Complete data collection from all sources.

Seamless recording of data

Our advanced algorithms start with the precise capture of your data, be it from text, images, videos or complex data sets. We ensure that every piece of information is captured correctly to create a solid basis for the subsequent transformation.


Prepare decisions


Organizes and prioritizes user feedback in real time.


Connects and integrates data from different sources.

Data enrichment

Enhances data with additional contexts and sources.

Comprehensive synthesis

Once the input is received, a seamless and technically relevant synthesis of information from the respective process step takes place. Every interaction between man and machine leads to a real understanding that enables effective decisions and actions.


Enable actions

Document generation

Automatically generates new, precise documents.

Interface provision

Enables data access via user-friendly APIs.

Automated transmission

Sends data efficiently to target systems or target persons.

Automated transmission

The optimized output process automates the provision of knowledge by automatically creating new documents or directly via APIs to make all relevant data accessible in real time across system boundaries.