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To optimize processes sustainably and use data as effectively as possible, modern companies rely on an AI cloud. Konfuzio and...

To optimize processes sustainably and use data as effectively as possible, modern companies rely on an AI Cloud. Konfuzio and OVHcloud offer a powerful and cost-effective solution.

What is an AI Cloud?

An AI Cloud is a digital form of storage that can provide various IT resources and also exploits the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI). In this way, the stored data can be meaningfully linked and intelligently processed, so that modern business technology and data science workflows can be developed and optimized.

What does an AI Cloud help with?

Many companies are modernizing their operations and, in the process, expanding their areas in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. With this growth and the provision of a growing number of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) models in a highly available and scalable infrastructure, there are a number of new challenges that many companies want to and must face if they want to continue to operate successfully on the market in the future.

Enterprise-wide data science efforts that aim to implement modern storage, artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology on a large scale are complex to implement. Therefore, in addition to a powerful technical foundation, competent collaboration between a company's internal teams is needed to create a high-quality solution. Only in this way sustainable processes can be developed and maintained.

For the care and Further development of processes it is of significant importance to establish reliable model monitoring. Only with close-meshed monitoring technology can drifts or performance deterioration be detected and sustainably remedied during the entire life cycle of a model.

In order to also ensure compliance standards in the company, maintaining the reproducibility, traceability, explainability and verifiability of machine learning is central. All of these points, as well as the development of a modern data science workflow, can only be enabled by powerful AI Cloud technology.

The Data Science Workflow

A data science workflow should process data reliably and quickly, and by implementing these, create automated processes. This requires data scientists to repeat and collaborate on a number of steps in the development of the workflow - including training and optimizing the respective AI.

Once they have been trained and optimized, the AI or machine learning technology can be tested and deployed in production. In this context, managing and maintaining a model once it has been developed is critical to delivering continuous business value throughout its lifecycle.

What features does an AI Cloud offer?

However, after initial AI experiments, many companies have difficulties implementing their models sustainably in production workflows and processes. Cumbersome and manual processes, missing DevOps-knowledge or resources, and the ability to monitor models that become inaccurate or distorted over time stand in the way.

AI Cloud, on the other hand, provides a collaborative environment that makes it easy for organizations to create, manage, deploy, and monitor machine learning technology in production. Konfuzio provides a simple interface that enables end-to-end model management, 1-click deployment, auto-scaling, and model monitoring with automatic detection of deviations and biases. As a result, companies can use AI Cloud to move AI technology into production faster and continuously optimize their services further. The result: positive and responsible results are also produced in practice.

An AI Cloud provides all the components for high-quality data science workflows:

  1. Model creation
  2. Model deployment
  3. Model management
  4. Model monitoring

1. model creation

Data Scientists often work in teams to develop solutions for a specific use case in an all-encompassing way. They can choose from a variety of machine learning frameworks to enable optimal development. The AI Cloud enables Data Scientists to collaborate effectively and have a central repository of data and models, regardless of the machine learning framework used to train them.

For example, teams are able to compare experiments across many evaluation metrics using a leaderboard. Teams can also view experiment summaries and relevant metadata to help them decide whether to promote specific experiments. Once Data Scientists have selected the experiment of their choice, they can register it with Model Registry to create a new model version.

2. model provisioning and scaling by MLOps.

Deploying models presents a number of challenges and often requires cross-team collaboration among data scientists, IT infrastructure and operations experts (DevOps or MLOps). This can become even more complex as teams increase the number of models and frequency of retraining. An AI cloud simplifies this process because the models can be deployed to a server and made available as a REST endpoint (real-time or asynchronous processing). They can also be automatically provisioned on a regular basis.

Within each of these deployment types, enterprises have the option to choose between the following deployment modes: Single Model (simple deployment), A/B Test (forwarding a portion of traffic to different models), and Champion/Challenger (comparing the performance of a new challenger model to that of the established champion model). The models can also be deployed in specific environments that can be configured by teams. MLOps provides a full deployment history and the ability to revert to a previous version if needed. All of this can be done with a few clicks in the AI Cloud.

The development of an AI model.

3. model management and model governance

AI Cloud stores and manages data, artifacts, experiments, models, and deployments, increasing visibility for Data Scientists and compliance teams. It also provides results and feature importance statements to simplify compliance. There are user and group level permissions to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to make changes to the environment. In addition, the dashboard clearly displays an overview of the entire organization, users, experiments, deployments, and audit trails.

4. model monitoring

Basically, it should be noted that the performance of a model degrades over time. Organizations that want to maximize the performance of their applications need to monitor the performance of these to identify the optimal time to replace or rework them. AI Cloud workflows include real-time monitoring of them to detect anomalies, drifts, and fairness and accuracy degradation. IT teams are also able to view their metrics and alerts in a real-time dashboard as well, allowing Data Scientists to dive deeper to gain a complete understanding.

AI Cloud's alerting capabilities allow teams to set rules and be notified of critical events. When the predefined threshold is exceeded and anomalies are triggered, alerts are sent to the dashboard and errors can be fixed before they become a problem for the business. In addition, the Data Scientist can configure the model to automatically re-train when a specific metric falls below a threshold.

What are the AI Cloud alternatives?

Such an AI cloud requires the provider of the "cloud" in addition to the AI software. Besides the widely known providers Amazon, Azure and Google Cloud, OVHcloud is a powerful alternative for smart and digital storage solutions. With 400,000 servers in over 33 own data centers on 4 continents, OVHcloud is a global and leading European cloud provider.

For 20 years now, the company has been using an integrated model that ensures complete control over the value chain - from the development of its own servers to the management of its own data centers and the orchestration of its own fiber network. This unique approach enables OVHcloud to cover the entire application spectrum for 1.6 million customers in more than 140 countries completely independently. Thus, OVHcloud offers state-of-the-art solutions that combine high performance, transparent pricing and complete data sovereignty.

Together with the intelligent software of Konfuzio for the digitization and automation of business processes, valuable functions can be added to the cloud solutions of OVHcloud. The company from France thus expands its portfolio with the possibilities of artificial intelligence and customers benefit directly from the know-how of both companies.

Although Konfuzio's technology can basically be installed in any cloud without any complications, OVHcloud's cloud solutions offer not only a powerful but also cost-effective alternative for this purpose: Konfuzio's hosting on OHVcloud is up to 70% cheaper than the prices of the well-known hyperscalers.

"A growing number of companies are using artificial intelligence on a daily basis. At OVHcloud, our European cloud services provide a sovereign as well as environmentally friendly base for innovative software like Konfuzio."

Jonas Metz, Manager Strategic Deals at OVHcloud Germany

What advantages does OVHcloud offer?

The company offers powerful software solutions that enable high-speed infrastructure and reliable operations. With Fortanix, Red Hat Enarx, Open Enclave SDK and VMware vSphere solutions, secure enclaves can be set up easily, quickly and without compromising performance.

In addition, OVHcloud has a comprehensive security concept that meets the highest standards to guarantee the sovereignty of the data. For example, with Confidential Computing, the dedicated servers enable end-to-end data protection even during processing and data exchange with third parties. This security in data processing is particularly relevant in processes involving sensitive data.

Further, data security is ensured by hardware-based storage encryption features - protecting central and sensitive programs and data against disclosure and modification, as well as contamination, overflow and espionage.Biometrically controlled access, advanced video surveillance, limited access permissions and a special hard disk destruction area furthermore for special Trusted Zones.

As a company within the EU, the data - unlike the international hyperscalers Azure, Google or Amazon - is also located on servers that are subject to European law and thus the GDPR. The sovereignty of the data against non-European extraterritorial laws is guaranteed by OVHcloud - stored data is not subject to any non-European extraterritorial laws. Also Konfuzio and the support of both companies operate exclusively within the EU and in strict compliance with the rules of the GDPR.

  1. Powerful cloud and software solutions
  2. Easy implementation of artificial intelligence
  3. Cost savings compared to well-known hyperscalers
  4. Trusted Zones and data protection and hosting within the EU
  5. Support from the EU

The OVHcloud provides a cost-effective cloud for your Konfuzio installation

OVHcloud is the European market leader in cloud computing. Headquartered in Roubaix, France, the company has been implementing high-quality, high-performance cloud solutions since 1999 and works reliably with many international partners. OVHcloud's mission: to enable every partner to realize their ambitions through cutting-edge technology.

In contrast to the offerings of Azure, Google or Amazon, OVHcloud as a cloud provider is particularly specialized in the requirements for companies within the EU and their data, but offers a diverse and comprehensive portfolio that also enables globally scalable solutions: From pure hosting of online presences or sensitive data to high-performance enterprise solutions and entire infrastructures, OVHcloud can offer everything in the highest quality and including competent support from the EU. By installing Konfuzio, OVHcloud becomes a powerful and cost-effective AI Cloud.

The combination of the partners Konfuzio and OVHCloud enables the uncomplicated integration of artificial intelligence and deep learning into the cloud offerings of OVHcloud. This enables the deployment of Konfuzio in a DSGVO-compliant and cost-effective manner. The result is an innovative and powerful AI Cloud that can be used to develop and deploy AI and Machine Learning models.

System houses and consulting partners with industry expertise relevant to you are available to assist you with the implementation of Konfuzio. Are you interested in arranging a no-obligation meeting with one of our consulting or implementation partners from your industry? We would be happy to put you in touch with the right Konfuzio partner who knows your industry inside out.

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