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    How do I create a ticket?

    Please fill out the form and click on Submit a Ticket. We assign a unique reference to your request. The so-called Ticket number you will receive by e-mail shortly after submitting the form.

    Will I incur any costs when creating the ticket?


    Can I add more information to the ticket after submitting the form?

    Yes. Please reply to the "Konfuzio Support Bot" email that includes your ticket number.

    How long does it take to solve the ticket?

    Each ticket is processed individually by us. You will be informed about the status of the processing automatically and continuously by e-mail. The time of processing results from the criticality and your contractual relationship with us.

    Is it possible to name more than one person as contact person?

    No. However, as a single point of contact, you may forward email communications to additional individuals, provided the confidentiality of the data contained in the conversation permits.

    Is it possible to explain my request by phone or in a personal meeting?

    Please create a ticket first to document your request.