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Email to Excel - Email to Excel with a low-code strategy

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Your email inbox is always full? You have to search for emails manually? As an automation expert in a company or as a small business owner, you are flooded with emails every day. Maybe your employees are extracting important data from emails into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. If they do it manually, it's a very challenging task. If you have to do it yourself, it's even more taxing. What you need is a way for your organization to automatically export text and attachments from emails to Excel. You need an application that can export data from Invoices, contracts and Orders to Excel and saves it in the right place: Email to excel. This blog post explains a low-code strategy for exporting emails to Microsoft Excel.

How to extract data from email to excel

In order to get your email to excel automatically, you need an email parsing software. This automated program scans all your incoming emails. It exports crucial information in the text and attachments of your emails and exports them exactly where you want them to be. You could also extract and export emails using Microsoft Outlook 365. However, full automation is not possible without an email parsing software. The reason for this is that a professional email parser uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn from a specific data type your company works with.

Email parsing has the power to get new data to a separate inbox or directly into excel. It sorts new emails that arrive and exports the data into your Microsoft excel spreadsheets. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up the software. After you trained the application to follow your specific rules, you can lean back and watch it work for you. Email parsing will save you endless hours of work by organizing and extracting relevant information from your inbox.

How to use MS Power Query to extract data from emails and email attachments in Exceln

  1. Create functions in Power Query

    Open Power Query and use an empty query to create your custom function. Use the GetValue function to dynamically retrieve documents from a project. Create a third function to retrieve all annotations from a document.Functions in Power Query to send emails to Excel

  2. Download and merge the data

    Create a new query and build your own processing pipeline. When you close PowerQuery, you will see a new sheet in excel that contains all the data.All data from e-mails in Excel at a glance

Benefits of extracting emails to excel for your company

Email parsing will revolutionize your company's marketing and organization. Not only will you save a lot of time, but you will also save money by reducing labor costs. Let's take a look at some of the most important benefits.


  • Lead Generation: Parse information for your business from newsletter subscriptions, landing pages, social media platforms and advertisements. Create new leads automatically for your email campaign.
  • Analysis of industry alerts: Analyze google alerts and similar applications in your excel spreadsheet to track industry trends or searches related to their products and services.
  • Keep track of your customers' needs: Organize all inquiries of customers in an excel spreadsheet. Improve your FAQ area, create user specified content for social media and find out which product upgrades your users like the most.

Order-to-cash process: purchase orders

  • Management of customer requests: Extract contact data from customers directly into an excel spreadsheet. Easily plan follow-up emails and reply calls.
  • Organize your orders: With an e-mail parser all Orders sorted immediately after they arrive in your inbox. They will be displayed in your Excel table the way you want them to be.

Purchase-to-pay: incoming invoices or expense management

  • Export important emails to your excel table: Save important emails when migrating from one system to another.
  • Automate and extract recurring Invoices and receipts.

Email to Excel with Konfuzio OCR AI

Konfuzio provides low-code integration for sending emails to an excel file. With Microsoft Excel Power Query you can directly use the Konfuzio API. Just connect the API to your email, gmail or outlook. AI technology will recognize the type of attachments or text that you want to send to your excel table. Then you can create an excel file and easily organize data in your spreadsheet. Automate the process to forward specific attachments and let the mail parser do the rest.


What is an email parser?

An email parser is a software application for data extraction from incoming emails. A parsing API has the power to send data from the email header and body. It can also parse text directly from email file attachments like PDF documents, CSV files, and MS Office files. Email parsing is an easy way to automate your business processes and handle incoming invoices, orders and other types of documents.

What are the benefits of email parsing?

Fundamentally, parsing is necessary because different entities need the data to be in different forms. Parsing allows to transform data in a way that can be understood by a specific software. To extract huge amounts of emails to your excel table you need email parsing. For instance, if your email has a lot of PDF attachments an email parser can read information from those PDFs and send them in a format excel can work with.

What does an email parser do?

A parser is a compiler or interpreter component that breaks data into smaller elements for easy translation into another language. A parser takes input in the form of a sequence of tokens, interactive commands, or program instructions and breaks them up into parts that can be used by other components in programming.

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