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Unstructured vs. Structured Data

Process structured vs. unstructured data

The world of data is infinitely large and constantly growing. A distinction is made between structured and unstructured data. But what...

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Alternate Chat GPT 2023

ChatGPT Alternative - Large Language Models

Sometimes it's a good idea to find out about alternatives, even if you're already using a solution like ChatGPT....

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Decision tree title

Decision tree: Making complex decisions in a well-founded manner

If you regularly have to make important, complex decisions in your business life, the decision tree is an important tool. It helps with decision making,...

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feature engineering machine learning

Feature Engineering: From raw data to training set

Feature engineering can be used to prepare data for the most effective training of AI models. Various techniques are used for this purpose,...

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Optimize enterprise data management

Networked data management is indispensable for optimizing your business processes. Effective analysis options, smooth workflows and easy integration into your...

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data lake title

Data Lake: Definition and advantages in application

With a data lake, different types of data can be stored and processed regardless of size. The use of the...

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Konfuzio Server Release Notes: 2023 - 1st Quarter

We are pleased to announce the latest version of Konfuzio Server, version released-2023-04-23_18-48-59. This version uses the Konfuzio Python...

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Enterprise Automation

Enterprise Automation: Relevant Technologies

Advancing technology development has fundamentally changed the way companies work and process information. In this article, we look at the...

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data mesh title

More agile data management in business through Data Mesh

Data Mesh is an approach that aims to change the way data is...

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Document Management System: What must a DMS be able to do?

In a digital world where a flood of information is produced every day, managing documents effectively has become...

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