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Konfuzio Marketplace AI AI Marketplace AI

Konfuzio Marketplace - AI solutions developed by experts for you

The development and training of AI solutions regularly present organizations with major challenges. The commercially viable use of artificial intelligence...

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Why CaaS? Discover the Benefits for your IT Architecture

In order to provide applications quickly, flexibly and scalably, more and more companies are moving part of their IT to a container infrastructure. To do this, book...

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trade register title

Commercial register in transition through AI on the Konfuzio marketplace

As a fundamental source of information for companies, financial institutions and lawyers, the commercial register fulfills an important task as a data source. Since August 01...

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Scan documents iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Simple tutorial: scanning documents with the iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Scan documents quickly and easily with your smartphone or tablet? Yes! Whether scanning with an iPhone, iPad or Android device:...

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automation pyramid title

Automation Pyramid: Mastering Industry 4.0

The Automation Pyramid, as a fundamental concept in industrial automation, provides a structured hierarchy for the integration of technologies in industrial...

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COVALYZE VALUNOO Konfuzio Success Story Customer

COVALYZE: Use of Konfuzio for technical drawings

We are convinced that you are already using Konfuzio successfully for invoices, CVs, letters and many other applications. But have...

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Dad-Joke theorem: instructions for use in everyday situations

Our Dad Joke Theorem, presented as a sponsor at the popular event. Putting this theorem together is a playful, yet serious approach to...

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scanning tax documents title

Scanning tax documents as the key to efficiency

Scanning tax documents - the digitization of tax documents is becoming increasingly important for many companies. Efficiency and compliance...

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Association analysis

Association analysis - function, algorithms and application

Data has long since become one of the most valuable resources of our time. However, this value is only created when the...

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Software Release Update Tech News

The new software release update

At Helm & Nagel GmbH, we have improved the performance of Konfuzio and introduced a number of new functions. Our...

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text analysis in python title

Text Analysis in Python: From basics to deep learning 

Data is the new currency with which companies can optimize their business processes and address customers in a more targeted manner. That is why z....

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