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Supporting businesses by digitizing documents

Digitize documents in easy steps | Konfuzio

At a time when information overload is the rule rather than the exception, it is becoming increasingly important to manage the working time of your...

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Open laptop, HTML code can be seen on screen

From PDF to text - step by step guide

For many years, the PDF file format has established itself as the standard for the digital distribution of documents. Every device, whether...

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Low Code Automation

How low-code and no-code revolutionize business processes

Your office staff doesn't have a degree in computer science? Your clerks have no training as programmers? Of course not, because digital technology is...

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PDF to JSON conversion for intelligent text processing

Many technologies are nowadays a natural part of everyday life. Videos are automatically embellished. Online stores know what we are buying before we do...

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Use text recognition efficiently thanks to online OCR solutions

It's not an overly typical image anymore, but they still exist: the bank customer who fills out a remittance slip and sends it to...

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