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Abbyy Finereader alternative: Top 5 software providers

Janina Horn

Looking for an alternative to Abbyy Finereader?

Abbyy Finereader is a PDF software solution designed to make it easier for you to convert, edit, share and annotate PDFs and scans.

But Abbyy Finereader is not the optimal solution for everyone. For example, if you prefer a wider range of functions or the possibility to use PDF software more widely, it is worth looking for an alternative.

In this article you will find 5 alternative providers to Abbyy Finereader.

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Disadvantages of Abbyy Finereader according to users

According to users online, Abbyy Finereader has the following disadvantages:

  • Functional, but technically not up to date
  • Low function selection (e.g. Full text indexing) and thus unsuitable for special applications
  • Rigid structures and thus hardly any possibilities for adaptation
  • Limited integration options

An alternative to Abbyy Finereader is especially interesting for you if you need more than just an OCR software focused on PDFs. If you want to benefit from the advantages of intelligent document management, you should turn to another provider.

This is why an alternative is worthwhile

Business processes are complex and interconnected in many ways. If you want to automate your workflow, it is worth looking for software that is not only focused on PDFs.

Document management is a time-consuming and money-intensive area of your business that you can make extremely streamlined with the right software.

It is also important that the new software fits seamlessly into your software environment. This is more difficult with Abbyy Finereader due to the limited integration options.

So if you're looking for a compatible yet flexible solution, you need an alternative. 

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Alternative providers to Abbyy Finereader

There are several alternatives to Abbyy Finereader. When choosing one, the main thing you should pay attention to is that the provider fits your requirements and your company with its workflow.

The following providers can be considered as an alternative to Abbyy Finereader:

  1. Konfuzio

    Konfuzio is an all-in-one tool for automatic document processing.

  2. PDFelement

    With Wondershare PDFelement you can create, convert, edit and protect PDF files.

  3. Verify

    Verify helps organizations capture, extract and transform unstructured documents such as receipts, invoices, purchase orders and checks into structured data.

  4. Tesseract

    Tesseract is a free open source OCR software.

  5. Kofax OmniPage

    Kofax OmniPage converts any document to the word processing format of your choice and specializes especially in invoices, receipts and purchase orders.

Abbyy Finereader Alternative Konfuzio

More than just PDF: AI OCR with Konfuzio

Konfuzio suits you if you want to automate your entire document management intelligently. 

All facts about Konfuzio:

  • Application possible for PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG and e-mail formats
  • Cloud and license-based software for optimized document management
  • Compatible with many other applications for seamless work
  • Partner ecosystem to support the implementation of AI solutions (in the cloud or on-premise)

Konfuzio goes beyond the normal functionality of a basic scanning application.

At the heart of this is AI, which helps you analyze documents and their content. The AI keeps learning and thus enables you to have even more complex documents read out.

Document types that are frequently automated with Konfuzio include. Invoices, Insurance policies, Vehicle documents or more Forms

You can use Konfuzio's AI software via web browser and process PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG and email formats.

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Function selection

The feature selection of the AI-based service is wide and depends on your requirements:

  • Intelligent Document Processing for automated document processing
  • Input Management: Processing of your mail and incoming e-mail including data from PDF, image, Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents such as invoices, waybills, contracts and system reports
  • Automatically categorized filing for a better overview
  • Sophisticated indexing and search functions for easy automatic storage, processing and retrieval of documents

If your documents or images have regular peculiarities that the AI should take into account, you can, for example, mark different fields as important and use them to teach the AI which further steps are necessary.


With the right integrations, it's easy for you to use the application again and again, smoothly and quickly.

In the "Integrations" area, Konfuzio provides you with the following interfaces, for example:

  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Excel Power Query
  • Airtable
  • Numerous other RPA, ERP or CRM systems

The prices of the software vary depending on the scope of use and installation environment. You can find the prices in the current Price list.

In summary, Konfuzio is characterized by the following features:

  • Target group: Home users and businesses
  • Functions: AI-assisted OCR for various document types and images, input management, sophisticated indexing and search functions, and more.
  • Integration: Google Docs, Microsoft Teams, Airtable, etc.

Konfuzio is the software for you if you have room for more functions than just reading out documents. If you also want to work efficiently in private and be supported by an AI, you can quickly and easily optimize your processes with Konfuzio.

More alternative providers

PDFelement from Wondershare allows you to edit, convert and sign PDFs quickly, cheaply and easily:

  • Target group: Private user
  • Functions: Edit, convert, organize PDFs, OCR applications, digital signature and more.

Verify helps companies capture, extract and convert unstructured documents such as receipts, invoices, purchase orders and checks into structured data:

  • Target group: Financial companies, logistics, transport, retail
  • Functions: Supports non-Latin alphabets, field and line item capture

Tesseract is a free open source OCR software:

  • Target group: Everyone who only needs a pure OCR service
  • Features: Supports non-Latin alphabets, pre-processing of images, good OCR application.
  • Integration: None

Kofax OmniPage converts any document to the word processing format of your choice and specializes especially in invoices, receipts and purchase orders: 

  • Target group: Banking, Finance, Marketing
  • Features: Recognition of more than 120 languages, mobile scanner, desktop scanner, all-in-one printer and multifunction printer, document filing system
  • Integration: More than 140 connectors to various business applications, ECM, ERP, BPM and workflow solutions

Conclusion: Specialization for better results

The fact is, an OCR application that is right for your business and has more features than just PDF processing will lead to more of a fluid workflow in the long run.

Because in this way you can optimize your entire document management in the long term and don't have to make improvements bit by bit with different solutions.

Abbyy Finereader is a suitable provider for companies that only want to improve PDF handling. However, if the optimization is also to be implemented in other areas of your company, you should look for an alternative.

Konfuzio not only offers a wider range of functions and compatibility with more file types here, but can also be trained individually for your specific use cases. This way you drive the Process optimization throughout your company.

 What do you think of Abbyy Finereader? Have you already switched to an alternative provider? Feel free to write your opinion on this topic in the comments!

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