RPA success stories for automation in practice

Robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation are revolutionizing the digital transformation of companies worldwide. By using intelligent RPA robots and AI technologies, processes can be automated more quickly and the time-to-solution significantly reduced.

Companies are supported on their AI journey by identifying the right use cases in the areas of advanced analytics and intelligent automation. Tasks are translated into innovative solutions and support is provided for the implementation and operation of AI applications.

Example of a transformation in practice: intelligent automation in administrative processes

A broker pool provides its partners with information on insurance and financial products and supports the processing and administration process. Insights into data and information on current contracts, which are often unstructured and only partially made available digitally, are essential for effective advice. Intelligent technologies are used to automate this data processing.

The digital capture and intelligent use of relevant contract data is made possible by software robots without the need for significant manual tasks by employees. After a careful process analysis and economic evaluation of the use case, the AI solution is implemented and integrated into the business processes. Specialist expertise, particularly in the insurance sector, is necessary for the realization and implementation of an AI. RPA is integrated into a workflow as API services to enable flexibility in end-to-end process automation.

Possibilities of automation:

  • Input per e-mail and automatic processing of attachments by bots
  • Recognition of the division and Extraction of the core data by software robots
  • Transfer of contract data to the rate calculator
  • Pricing and sending the offer to the customer using RPA technology

Example: Automation of administrative processes

Automation enables employees to work more efficiently by allowing them to quickly view all relevant information about their customers' contracts. RPA, OCR and AI help agents and brokers save time and enable the rapid creation of counter-offers by automatically using information from existing contracts for comparisons by robots.

The automation of administrative processes with the help of RPA and software robots offers many advantages for companies aiming to make their processes more efficient. Robots can take over complex tasks such as data processing and analysis, resulting in a significant reduction in the workload of employees. The use of this technology enables more precise and faster process automation, which ultimately increases productivity and minimizes the error rate.

Example: Automatic data aggregation and data analysis

In a further step towards Automation companies can use their data more effectively by using AI-based software robots. These bots are able to extract useful insights from large amounts of data, which are crucial for business decisions. By automating this process, companies can react quickly to market changes and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Example: Improving customer interactions

An important aspect of process automation is the use of RPA to improve customer interactions. Software robots can handle routine customer queries automatically, giving employees more time to focus on more complex and value-adding tasks. This automation not only improves efficiency, but also increases satisfaction for both employees and customers.

Example: Relief for routine activities

In addition, the use of RPA in process automation allows companies to concentrate on their core competencies. By delegating repetitive tasks to robots, employees can focus on strategic goals that drive the company forward. This approach helps to increase competitiveness and promote innovation.


What is Advanced Analytics?

In a highly competitive market, it is crucial to anticipate the needs of customers and business partners. Analysis methods based on machine learning are used for this purpose.

What is intelligent automation?

While traditional RPA is used for simple tasks, digital processes such as credit decisions require the use of machine intelligence. In large companies, it is important to involve employees in the digital transformation.

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