Email Automation: Organize Mailboxes efficiently with AI

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Companies receive a flood of emails every day, which they have to classify, sort, evaluate and respond to. If this is done manually, it can rarely be done efficiently. This leads to both faltering business processes and dissatisfied customers. Many companies therefore rely on email automation. 

We show you how you can benefit from automated emails and how you can use a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and optimize not only mail dispatch, but all processes in mailboxes. 

The most Important in a Nutshell

e-mail automation definition

E-Mail Automation - Definition

Email automation describes the automatic sending of emails based on predefined rules, actions or schedules. This enables companies to optimize and simplify their email communication by having a tool take over repetitive tasks. In this way, they not only work more efficiently, but also address recipients in a personalized manner. This increases customer loyalty and boosts the conversion rate.

E-Mail Automation - Benefits

Email automation - for example for Gmail, Outlook or Mailchimp - is an efficient tool for addressing customers in an automated, efficient and personalized way. In detail, companies generate the following email automation benefits, among others:

Time saving

Automated email campaigns save companies a considerable amount of time. This is because they automate manual tasks such as sending welcome emails, maintaining customer relationships or following up on abandoned purchases, which frees up resources for other important activities.

Practical example: An online retailer uses automated email marketing to automatically send personalized welcome emails to new customers. The emails contain a discount code for the first purchase. In this way, the retailer intensifies the first contact without having to intervene manually.

Personalized communication

The creation of automated emails based on the recipient's behavior, preferences and location. This leads to improved customer loyalty as the communication is more relevant.

Practical example: A travel company uses email automation to send personalized offers based on the past travel preferences of its customers. For example, a customer who has previously booked a weekend trip to Lisbon receives offers for city breaks.

Improved customer loyalty

Companies strengthen customer loyalty through targeted and timed emails. Automated follow-up emails, birthday wishes and exclusive offers help customers feel valued and build long-term relationships.

Practical example: A digital media subscription service uses an automated email to regularly send personalized recommendations to customers based on their previous interests and content read. This promotes customer loyalty and increases satisfaction.

Effective lead nurturing

Email automation supports the lead nurturing process by automatically sending relevant information and offers to potential customers at the right time, step by step. This promotes the conversion of leads into paying customers.

Practical example: A software company uses emails and marketing automation to generate leads through a predefined Sales Funnel. Interested parties automatically receive information on the software's functions, customer success stories and finally an offer for a free trial version.

Increase of the conversion rate

By providing targeted and relevant content in automated emails, companies increase the likelihood that recipients will respond to offers and convert.

Practical example: An e-commerce company uses email marketing automation to send personalized recommendations based on the previous purchasing behavior of its customers. The targeted approach increases the likelihood that customers will buy additional products.

e-mail automation with ki

Email Automation Tools - Why AI is indispensable

Companies can find a variety of email automation tools on the market. Which one is the right one depends on the respective requirements and objectives. However, in order to be able to automate complex email processes to a large extent, companies need a provider with powerful artificial intelligence.

Konfuzio has an advanced AI that uses pioneering technologies such as Machine Learning, natural language processing, optical character recognition and Deep Learning, among others.

In combination with software for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), companies are able to create automated processes for processing their emails.

Classification and sorting

Konfuzio categorizes and sorts emails independently. The AI understands both the text in emails themselves and attached files. It is also able to recognize scanned, handwritten documents in attachments. In this way, emails always end up with the right employee. Any special cases or emails that cannot be assigned remain in the mailbox for manual processing.


As Konfuzio understands and recognizes any form of content, the email automation system is able to extract relevant information. This could be customer details or invoice amounts, for example. Konfuzio processes this data as specified by the company.

Automated responses

By extracting relevant information from emails and attachments, Konfuzio makes it possible to automatically generate individualized responses. If desired, these are first sent to the responsible employee in a finished reply email, who confirms the accuracy or makes changes with a single click.

Transfer to connected workflows

Konfuzio automatically transfers processed emails to connected workflows. In this way, information is always available to the right employee. This streamlines processes in the company without employees having to intervene manually.

Translation and multilingualism

It is particularly important for internationally active companies to be able to process emails in other languages with the same level of performance. Konfuzio has an advanced OCR technology. It can easily translate e-mails and attachments into over 100 languages.

e-mail automation use cases

Email Automation with Konfuzio - 3 practical Use Cases

Konfuzio processes emails in a matter of seconds, relieving your employees of time-consuming routine tasks. In this way, the AI is suitable for various use cases. Let's take a look at 3 classic email automation examples:

Email automation with Konfuzio - Organize digital invoice receipts

Konfuzio supports the processing of incoming invoices in this way:


Invoices pass through several processing points, especially in large companies - from the inbox to the final payment. This involves assigning invoices to the right department and the right person, going through approval processes and transferring relevant information to ERP systems. This often leads to inefficient invoice processing.


Konfuzio automatically recognizes invoices and attachments and reads relevant data such as invoice number, invoice issuer and service recipient. The AI then assigns the invoice to the person responsible for processing and transfers the data to the ERP system. In this way, Konfuzio significantly reduces processing time and manual intervention.

Email automation with Konfuzio - manage orders efficiently

In order to process incoming orders intelligently, Konfuzio supports your company in this way:


As a rule, companies process orders directly in internal online store systems. However, if potential customers have queries, such as about specific products or shipping, companies have to answer them manually via their email inbox. Assigning the correct order in the CRM system and replying to the email delays order processing.


Konfuzio automatically compares data from emails and the internal CRM system. In this way, the application is able to assign orders to emails, create a direct response and thus significantly reduce processing time. In this way, companies can process status requests, changes or refunds efficiently and increase customer satisfaction.

Email automation with Konfuzio - Respond to customer inquiries individually

Konfuzio supports companies in answering individual customer inquiries in a personalized way:


Large companies often have a backlog of thousands of emails in central mailboxes. There is a lack of time and personnel resources to process these manually, quickly and in a personalized manner.


Konfuzio analyzes, classifies and automatically assigns incoming emails to the relevant employees. In this way, emails are always sent to the right contact person. To save even more time, Konfuzio automatically generates personalized responses that employees simply check. In this way, companies not only organize their e-mail inbox efficiently, but also meet the expectations of good customer support.

Let one of our experts advise you now and find out how Konfuzio can automate your email processes intelligently and efficiently.

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