Automate your inbox: It all comes down to these skills

Digitalization is often only the first step towards efficient business processes. Just because a process is digital does not necessarily mean that it requires little manual effort. Electronic inboxes are a typical example: Compared to letter post, e-mails offer many advantages, but the personnel processing of contained information and attachments also involves considerable effort. The second step is called Automation and only succeeds if advanced software with intelligent capabilities is used: Konfuzio - an AI solution on the test bench.

1. accurate classification

Basically, inbox automation concentrates on those work steps that also take place during human processing. And the first question is what type of email it is. The possibilities are often straightforward and repetitive in the context of business activities. An accurate Classification is therefore also easily possible using special software that pays attention to certain properties of the messages.

This requires skills in terms of Machine Learning However, this is indispensable. The algorithms used are able to correctly classify both content and attachments based on keywording as well as linguistic and formal criteria. On this basis, decisions can be made, for example, to forward the email to the correct processing location.

Konfuzio combines some of the most advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms that allow highly accurate classification of emails and attached documents. ✅

2. comprehensive data extraction

So far, so good. But perhaps the software used should not only open and forward the message, but also read it and recognize relevant information. After all, this is an essential step when receiving an email. Here too, inbox automation relies on the help of advanced AI approaches, in particular optical character recognition to accurately capture invoice data, addresses, customer information, etc. in documents. These are often available in optical formats that require conversion into machine-readable text. Quite a few solutions on the market fail when it comes to handwriting, for example, because no Intelligent Character Recognition is integrated. 

Konfuzio uses intelligent OCR and ICR to capture all relevant data in emails and attachments and extract it with above-average accuracy.

3. Customized workflows

The rules on what to do with an email can be much more complex than simply filing it or forwarding it to another department. Processes in companies are often very clearly defined when it comes to processing different types of information. This can rarely be solved within a Google app such as Gmail and requires further capabilities of automation software that focus on the implementation of individual principles of action. This may concern aspects of compliance or simply relate to the company's own processes. The solution used should therefore support or even enable the automated implementation of individual workflows.

Konfuzio makes it possible to define individual workflows that follow the receipt of various documents. At the same time, the software allows connection to third-party systems that implement existing processes. ✅

4. advanced skills

Even if the essential steps for automating the inbox are covered, it is important to have all the other skills required to open and move emails and messages in various situations without further help and to activate the necessary functions. The following checklist can be useful here:

  • API connection - The inbox of Google Gmail and Co. is rarely part of the infrastructure from the outset. For this reason, a flexible connection of these data sources is necessary
  • Multilingualism - The information is often available in different languages. Instead of moving away from the automation approach, it should also be possible to capture it or translate it using natural language processing
  • Individual labeling - The software or app should not only use keywords for classification, but also make it easier to find them later in the search by means of advanced indexing.
  • Audit security and data protection - Automated inboxes must also be subject to high security standards. GDPR compliance and legal certainty should be ensured in all cases.

Konfuzio offers all the features that are important for inbox automation and can also provide unparalleled flexibility with its unique capability profile


Automating the inbox is a multi-factorial process that requires the app or software used to have a number of key capabilities. This applies in particular to the recognition and extraction of relevant information in emails and documents sent with them with the help of artificial intelligence. However, the simple classification of messages is also a task that should not be neglected and can be implemented using various algorithms. For the AI software Konfuzio, these are rather easy exercises that can be easily mapped using the available technical possibilities.

For special requirements, the implementation of individual workflows is necessary, which Konfuzio both supports and enables. Numerous supplementary capabilities round off the profile and ensure maximum flexibility with constant legal security and data protection. Thanks to the automation achieved, employees can concentrate on their core business instead of constantly dealing with generic emails and getting lost in the depths of clients such as Google Gmail.

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