Capture delivery bill OCR

Delivery note OCR automates data extraction via scanner


With a Document AI and OCR extract all information in a delivery bill automatically.

Capture delivery bill OCR
User interface that allows to add information that was not printed in the document.

Digitize delivery bills

What is meant by the digitization of delivery bills? Delivery bill digitization refers to the conversion of paper delivery bills to digital form. In principle, all documents can be digitized: purchase documents, contracts, invoices, financial statements, personnel files and more.

What is the difference between digitized and structured delivery bills?

There is an important difference in how documents are stored and available in the company. Either they are only available in digital form or in structured form. You can also determine the degree of digitization of a company based on the proportion of structured data. Basically, the more data that is stored in structured form, the better!

Unstructured data

Unstructured data is, for example, images, documents or objects from which the data cannot be read easily. Programs cannot access this data to enable an application based on it. A classic example is scanned documents that are stored but cannot be read by other systems or machines. Reason: The structure is always different.

Structured data

In contrast, structured data is available in a standardized form. They are stored in databases so that database queries or applications based on them can be performed.

What are the advantages of structured data?

  • The delivery address, for example, no longer has to be typed in manually, but the content is automatically generated from the IDP Software recognized and stored in a database. This way, other workflows can automatically access this address.
  • Employees save time when processing delivery bills. The user does not have to enter the address.
  • Checking and matching to the order can be automated by the automatically recognized structured information.
  • Data structuring can also better ensure that delivery bills are up-to-date and not duplicated.

What is the difference between ERP and DMS systems?

Although DMS systems store documents in a database, the data stored within the document can at best be retrieved using the search function. DMS systems therefore often offer only unstructured data. ERP systems, on the other hand, can be understood as a database for structured information.

IDP Software uses the latest technologies, for example, to automatically find the case-relevant information in delivery bills, store it in a structured way and thus enable further processing in the business context. IDP Software is a link between the DMS system and the ERP system and uses the latest building blocks from Natural Language Understanding, Machine Learning, Text Mining and AI. This reduces costs, increases quality and speed, and prepares a better basis for decision-making.

Automatically recognize delivery notes with OCR

Increase your organization's effectiveness with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and data extraction for delivery bills. Process delivery bills securely and automatically.

How is a delivery bill processed automatically?

  1. Upload delivery bills

    The first step is to submit the delivery bill to our API. Usually this is done via mobile app, email, FTP or web application.

  2. Image to text using OCR

    Once an image or PDF is received, our engine converts it into a TXT file. In this step, all the text is extracted from the document, but not yet structured.

  3. Parse structured data as JSON

    The delivery bill parser takes the TXT obtained from the OCR and, using machine learning, converts it into structured JSON to. The JSON is then returned as output from the API. From here, the delivery bill can be easily processed in your database. Whether you are processing delivery bills for international shipping, managing large construction and industrial projects, or compliance controls, Konfuzio is here to help. 

Which fields can be recognized in a delivery bill?

Documents AI can in principle extract all data fields from a delivery bill. To give you an idea, we list some examples:

  • Receipt date
  • Delivery note number
  • Name and address of the buyer
  • Name, address and contact address of the seller
  • Buyer's order number (PO#)
  • Order date
  • Delivery date
  • Description and code of the goods
  • Quantity ordered and delivered
  • Posting line details
  • Reordered goods
  • Comments or special features
  • And many more fields

The extracted data fields can be customized for each customer. Additional fields can be extracted on request. You can find a detailed presentation on the page of the Software easybill. In addition, duplicates can be automatically detected and Delivery bill automatically rotated be

What should be considered when processing delivery bills automatically?

Information from delivery bills can be relevant in diverse processes and workflows. To enable a high level of automation, users often ask themselves the following questions:

Can the document AI recognize different languages?

Yes, the AI can recognize different languages and offer them automatically.

Can delivery bills with different formats be recognized?

Yes, PDF scans are particularly suitable.

Can multiple formats be processed?

Yes, the document AI can handle different layouts.


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