AI software from Konfuzio for digital processes

Konfuzio offers a All-in-one AI platform for your documents

The AI platform combines different state-of-the-art technologies and functions. Only in this way can we offer our customers a comprehensive solution for specific business challenges.

AI Training

directly usable via web browser

AI models

the Meta AI creates AI models

AI Server

API, Multi-Tenant and On-Premises

AI Software

The AI software combines different technologies and functions at the cutting edge of technology. Only in this way can we offer our customers a comprehensive solution for specific business challenges.

AI training: The Konfuzio AI software makes every web browser smart!

OCR text recognition of documents on text view


With the Konfuzio TextView, data scientists, data engineers and power users label texts down to the letter. Artificial intelligence uses this labeled data to form rules independently. Emails, tweets and other texts are thus automatically prepared for further processing.

Konfuzio SmartView


With the Konfuzio SmartView, data scientists, data engineers, and power users accurately label text, pixels, and even letters. Artificial Intelligence uses this labeled data to form rules on its own. PDF, PNG and other documents are thus automatically prepared for the further process.

ReView Konfuzio


The department streamlines processes with ReView. Data is structured with one click. Typing is a thing of the past. Exchange formats such as Excel or similar soften a uniform workflow. ReView is technically very easy to integrate into existing processes.

AI Models Our Meta AI trains hundreds of AI models daily!

Individual information

Konfuzio recognizes single information fully automatically after a small two-digit number of examples. The special attraction is that Konfuzio does not need any rules, but learns them fully automatically and this independent of the layout. Because Konfuzio understands texts like humans. 

How do I proceed?

Text segment

Konfuzio captures complex context-based text paragraphs in addition to fields. Unlike reading out individual fields, in this case the human shows the AI relevant paragraphs. In new documents, relevant text sections are automatically highlighted.

How do I train the AI?


IT and AI experts have the possibility to export all data and train their own models. Thus, the AI Studio enables an open infrastructure and offers IT and AI experts the freedom to develop their own models locally and run them on the Konfuzio server.

How do I get the data?

AI Server The Konfuzio server is multi-tenant and on-premises capable!


The OCR API can be used via API or via web browser. The OCR API processes PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG and GIF files. The fast OCR recognizes contained texts immediately and prepares the contained texts for the TextView, SmartView and ReView for further processing.


Audit-proof training of AI is possible through Konfuzio. Training and test data are created in the TextView and SmartView and can be versioned by data scientists and power users directly in the application. Digital processes are thus particularly well protected.


The API enables technical users to digitize processes and integrate Konfuzio. This simplifies AI development for users, teams and companies. Find out how Konfuzio can help you develop and document your AI at scale.

Enterprise customers also have access to the following features


Konfuzio quickly learns to extract simple information from documents. It does not matter whether the information is in text or table form.


Incoming information is heterogeneous and internal coordination processes are complex. The AI learns which department or expert processes an incoming case the fastest.

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Deutsche Telekom recommends Konfuzio for digital processes

Deutsche Telekom reports on the Konfuzio AI software as follows: "Data, especially unstructured data, is abundant in every company. There is enormous potential here that can be leveraged with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Based on its own experience, the company Helm & Nagel developed the artificial intelligence Konfuzio - a self-learning software. The jury awarded the Digital Champions Award in the category "Digital Processes & Organization" for this and additionally the award as Best Regional Champion. „

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