OCR API for your software

Using deep vision OCR the text from an image or a scanned document is read and returned as JSON and PDF. This means more than 100 languages can be read from nearly any kind of business document, like a scan of a non digital document or an image. Besides other document APIs the cloud hosting is readily available for processing and can be tested for free.

Free Online OCR API

Create your own project now for free via API for automated text recognition and data extraction of your documents and images.

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Online OCR API

The Konfuzio OCR software gives you intelligent text recognition for 70+ languages and a digital Extraction of all relevant information from the respective text. This also applies to text entered by hand in applications and documents. The video shows you all the functionalities of our API.


OCR API for intelligent text recognition

OCR integration via REST API

Using the vision OCR achieves impressive results when processing files to read text data from image based documents like scans in various languages. Processing images or documents via our cloud hosted APIs provides instant access to the vision AI to extract text data. More APIs for processing documents with vision or natural language AI can be found in our Swagger documentation.

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Simple Example OCR in Python

Python OCR SDK

Our Python OCR SDK is fully documented to process documents on your systems. Create applications yourself that extract textual information from images and documents. The Python SDK gives you all the functionality of the REST API in your Python code.

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OCR Web API for PDF, JPG, TIF and EML documents 

Thanks to Konfuzio vision OCR API you can convert your images and PDF documents into searchable files in PDF or PDF/A format for free. On request, the text can also be processed into other file formats (e.g. DOCX, XLSX, PPTX).

Read supported file types


Different file formats of possible input data for the AI

From PDF to JSON with Vision OCR

Get your OCR output as JSON format. On request, Konfuzio can also export your extracted data in a structured CSV format.

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You can also extend the OCR API with AI to recognize data in a structured way

Thanks to the AI in Konfuzio, you can not only extract text from your documents, but also get structured data. The AI training works easily and allows you to get structured information from unstructured documents via API. Using REST interface in code or RPA robot you can integrate this information directly into your own business processes.

3 Examples of the data extraction