OCR API for your software

Thanks to Konfuzio OCR technology, you can extract text from your documents and images in just a few seconds, saving valuable time. Using the Konfuzio API, you can easily integrate our OCR into your software.

1. Try OCR API now

Create your own project now for free via API for automated text recognition and data extraction of your documents.

API interface of Konfuzio

2. OCR Integration via REST-API

Konfuzio's OCR achieves impressive results. Upload your documents via our API and get top-notch text results.

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3. Konfuzio API Manual

Konfuzio OCR API enables you to perform intelligent text recognition for 70+ languages as well as for manually entered texts. The video shows you all the functionalities of our API.


Video jetzt auf YouTube ansehen.

Simple Example OCR in Python

4. Python SDK

Our Python SDK is fully documented to process documents on your systems. Create your own applications that extract textual information from images and documents.

To the Python SDK documentation

5. Convert 

Thanks to Konfuzio OCR API you can convert your images / PDFs into searchable PDFs, PDF/A for free. You can also process other files (e.g. DOCX, XLSX, PPTX) on request.


Different file formats of possible input data for the AI

6. Output

Get your OCR output as JSON format. On request, Konfuzio can also export your extracted data in a structured CSV format.

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