Payment advice processing automation through OCR for payment advices

Konfuzio extracts relevant information from payment advices for the accounting department in order to automate the posting of the accounting. The ready-to-use API provides this smart text recognition fully automatically. The OCR and AI solution reliably extracts data from your payment advices and transfers it to your software.

Scan payment advice with OCR

Automate both header data and individual documents in payment notifications with API

You regularly receive paper or electronic payment advices (PDF, e-mail, etc.) from your customers. In the future, you would like to receive the payment advices electronically and integrate them into the electronic bank statement processing.
When receiving payments, you want to automatically assign the payment advices that have already arrived to the incoming payment in the electronic account statement. You use automatic document determination for this purpose.

Payment advice processing in the SAP standard

SAP has supported automated (inbound) payment notification processing since Release 4.6c. With the SAP Cash Application the functionality was automated by the intelligent matching of receivables. EDI advices or IDocs can be processed in the SAP standard (PEXR200x), alternatively XML advices can be imported and processed via SAP PO. The standard tables for storing payment advice information are AVIK and AVIP. Payment advices can be processed or posted directly when they arrive. Alternatively, they remain in the payment advice database and can be selected when the account statement arrives.
and accounted for.

Data extraction from payment advices with OCR and AI

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AI security and DSGVO

The architecture of the AI platform Konfuzio is multi-client capable. This means that the AI model can be used for payment notifications in separate data rooms, so-called projects, and in defined user groups. Deletion concepts comply with the DSGVO and are possible for data of professional secrecy holders, who have to observe the legal duty of confidentiality of § 203 StGB. The software is operated on your servers or as a SaaS solution in the cloud.
Server infrastructure

High detection accuracy right from the start

The AI learns specific requirements through the content of your documents and immediately achieves extremely high recognition accuracies. Fully automated tests ensure a release without failures after each training of the AI and ensure the constant availability of the learning AI.

Learning curve of AI through continuous learning

Professional feedback for the AI

Our AI is ready to use, yet continues to learn. The software recognizes content such as invoice number and invoice amount and automates the reading of open items. This even enables automated posting in the SAP standard. The effort required to process payment notifications with many line items is reduced to a minimum, and errors are avoided. To improve the AI of payment notifications, you do not need an IT expert, but only a training for the specialist department.


Cash management in SAP requires a strong link to the accounting processes

Konfuzio enables mass import and forwarding to subsequent applications. In addition, file splitting, filter options, plausibility checks and also enrichments by meta information through mapping can be implemented by our partners via the API. The transformation into different export formats or
Logging and archiving are also possible. Extended bank statement monitoring is possible, for example, via a Fiori app.

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