Maximum efficiency through seamless integrations and API

Connect your systems seamlessly and maximize the efficiency of your business processes. Konfuzio enables seamless integration with leading business systems such as SAP, MFiles, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and any ERP system that supports API integration.

Our platform offers flexible integration options via our powerful REST API and the versatile Python SDK.

Email integration

For the fastest inbound document integration, simply send an email with the documents to Konfuzio. Our platform processes the documents immediately and integrates them into your workflows.


Immediate processing of documents.

Cost efficiency

Reduces the need for additional software or hardware.

Easy handling

No complex configuration processes.


Can easily be extended to a larger number of documents.

Microsoft Power Automate

Use our reusable connector on Microsoft Power Automate to integrate your systems effortlessly.

Similar to Zapier, this is a Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), which enables you to connect multiple systems and automate complex workflows.


Connecting multiple systems and automating complex workflows.

Ease of use

Easy to configure and manage without in-depth technical knowledge.


Saves time and resources by reusing connectors.

Fast implementation

Enables rapid integration without great effort.

API integration

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a collection of rules and protocols that defines how applications or devices communicate with each other. The Konfuzio API offers:

Your advantages

This integration enables companies to create flexible and networked system landscapes that drive efficiency and innovation. API integration also improves communication with customers and partners and optimizes support and service.

API integration refers to the process by which two or more applications are connected via their APIs to exchange data, share functions or perform specific tasks.

Efficiency increase

Automate recurring tasks and improve your business processes through more efficient data processing.


Customization and integration of new technologies and partners.


Saves time and resources by reusing connectors.

Real-time data

Enables the seamless exchange of real-time data for up-to-date information.