Data extraction and intelligent text recognition as AI for invoices

Companies, banks and insurers use the AI model, which has been specially trained for invoices from a wide range of industries, in accounts payable accounting, checking where-used lists for subsidies or even claims management.


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Automate incoming invoices with AI

The AI model for invoices can recognize over 100 fields per invoice and thus extract data. Information about the vendor, contact person, account details, and line items are automatically transferred directly to CRM or ERP. The screenshot shows one of the systems in which the AI was integrated via REST API.

Automate invoice receipt through AI and OCR

AI for claims management

Garage invoices, purchase receipts, cost notes, court cost statements, medical bills and physiotherapist invoices are often the basis for claims management at insurers. At this point, AI helps identify line items in claims that require special human attention. However, the applications for AI of invoices are diverse and not limited to claims processing.

Claims processing with AI

AI security and GDPR

The architecture of the AI platform Konfuzio is multi-client capable. This means that the AI model can be used for invoices in separate data rooms, so-called projects, and in defined user groups. Deletion concepts comply with the DSGVO and are possible for data of professional secrecy holders, who have to observe the legal duty of confidentiality of § 203 StGB. The software is operated on your servers or as a SaaS solution in the cloud.
Server infrastructure

The accuracy is improving steadily

The AI learns specific requirements through the contents of your documents and achieves extremely high recognition accuracy after approx. 100 invoices. Fully automated tests ensure a release without failures after each training of the AI and ensure the constant availability of the learning AI.

Learning curve of AI through continuous learning

Professional feedback for the AI

Our AI is ready to use, yet continues to learn. To use own AI for classification and Extraction types other than invoices, you do not need an IT expert for simple AI models, but only training for the business department.

Human-in-the-loop for AI feedback

Export of the invoice information

Export your results as CSV, JSON or use our Python SDK. Download the readout data bundled as a file or use many other integrations besides the REST API.

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Selection of extracted data for CSV download

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