Extract handwriting from documents with HTR

HTR (Handwriting Text Recognition) is a specialized technology for recognizing and interpreting handwritten text from documents. At Konfuzio, we use HTR to improve your document processing from the ground up and give you a competitive advantage.

Are you ready to process your handwritten data efficiently, accurately and fully automatically?

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How does HTR work at Konfuzio?

At Konfuzio, we use advanced machine learning algorithms and neural networks to accurately recognize and interpret handwritten text in documents. Our HTR system is continuously trained to cope with the variety of handwriting styles and deliver accurate results. However, the recognition of handwritten text poses specific challenges.

Konfuzio masters these irregularities by using state-of-the-art, self-learning technologies and customized solutions for individual company requirements.

Comparison of HTR and OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a comparable technology, but it is mainly used for printed fonts.

  • Complexity - HTR is more complex than OCR because it has to take into account the variability and inconsistencies of human handwriting.
  • Accuracy - OCR often achieves higher accuracy than HTR for handwritten text due to standardized printed fonts.
  • Areas of application - HTR is mainly used for historical manuscripts, personal notes and handwritten documents, while OCR is used for printed books, official documents and typewritten texts.

HTR and OCR are both valuable technologies for text recognition, but they differ in their areas of application and challenges.

HTR areas of application and integration options