Digital excellence: The partnership between Konfuzio and Tumii

Digital transformation is not just a trend, but a gateway to innovation - in short: a necessity for companies. With this in mind, the Helm & Nagel GmbH with your product Konfuzioto announce the strategic partnership with Tumii Transformations Inc. Tumii joins the Konfuzio ecosystem as another partner with a particular focus on North America. The collaboration marks a major leap forward in our mutual journey to further advance the enterprise digital landscape.

Synergy of vision and expertise

The goalTo offer customers comprehensive solutions, expand product specialization for business scalability and use software for efficient implementation and cost savings.

Background to the partnership

The decision to add Tumii Transformations to our ecosystem as another North American-focused partnership stems from a shared vision of cross-border technology development. Both companies strive to transcend the traditional role of technology and seamlessly integrate it with people, Data and governance in harmony. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to making companies successful in the digital age.

Presentation of Tumii Transformations

Tumii Transformations Inc, founded in 2016 by Shawn Acheampong, is a pioneer in modernizing SMB businesses through efficient data management practices. With over 20 years of industry experience, the CEO recognized the need for improved document management. Tumii Transformations utilizes robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize digital data management systems and help numerous North American organizations achieve exponential growth. A diverse team of digitization specialists is helping companies go paperless, with a focus on improving customer service through Automation is located.

Tumii's mission is to help companies of all sizes undergo cost-effective digital transformations.

Their vision emphasizes the synergy between technology, people, data, change and governance, fostering an environment where businesses thrive and employees flourish. Tumii Transformations' core values are also very similar to those of Konfuzio and include

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Customer orientation
  • Quality
  • Adaptability
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion

Tumii Transformations is committed to taking a holistic approach to digital transformation and ensures that technology successfully complements human expertise. This is driven forward:

Tumii Integrated Transformation Model IXM

Source: Tumii Transformations Inc.

The realization of this process is illustrated particularly clearly in the numerous case studies that our partner describes on its homepage:

Origin of the partnership

The partnership between Konfuzio and Tumii Transformations was born out of a shared recognition of each other's strengths and a desire to enhance our clients' digital capabilities. By recognizing a synergy in both entrepreneurial approaches to work and aligned goals, it became clear that by combining expertise, we could further enhance the value we offer companies on their digital transformation journey.

Win-win-win situation for partners and customers alike

The partnership with Tumii is not just a collaborator, but an extension of our ethos. Tumii Transformations sees technology as a powerful ally that blends harmoniously with different areas of the business to foster an environment where efficiency is maximized. Tumii's expertise in digital transformation services makes it the ideal partner for Konfuzio. And vice versa.

Tumii's know-how in SharePoint data migration perfectly complements Konfuzio's expertise. While Tumii offers specialized data migration services that enable a smooth transition, minimize errors and disruptions and allow companies to focus on their core processes, Konfuzio complements with Cloud flexibility or On-premises securitylow-code or pro-code: On their way to a paperless office, companies are using state-of-the-art technologies such as those Konfuzio has in its repertoire for efficient process optimization and data management. The same applies to the use of adaptive AI, advanced Multicloud, OCR as well as NLP for precise data extraction from documents takes fusion to a higher level and supports with machine learning and customized solutions to support companies in their digital transformation.

The resultsOptimal data control through unique insights into the value of internal data, error reduction and increased efficiency through process automation.

Konfuzio's adaptability enables industry-specific solutions and continuous improvement through AI algorithms in document processing.

The interaction between Tumii and Konfuzio ensures that customers can consolidate shared drives, unify content pages and effectively organize electronic documents on SharePoint. Additionally, Tumii's commitment to data security aligns with Konfuzio's claims and SOC2 and ISO 27001 standards. This is compatible with Konfuzio's mission to provide secure and GDPR compliant solutions.

Mutual benefit

The special thing about this partnership is that all parties benefit. This also includes the customers of Konfuzio and Tumii Transformations, for example through:

  • Opening up diverse markets
  • Risk reduction in technology implementation through combined expertise
  • Improved customer support
  • Innovative approaches and customer-oriented customization
  • Tailor-made solutions that are closely aligned with individual business objectives
  • Joint growth and efficiency

Tangible benefits and unparalleled value

Other benefits for customers are far-reaching. Some concrete examples are

  • Faster value creation: Accelerated and more efficient implementation 
  • Cost reduction: The use of existing software solutions reduces the need for costly individual applications
  • Innovation adoption: customers benefit from faster adoption of new technologies, functions and updates

Conclusion and prospects

The partnership between Konfuzio and Tumii Transformations marks the beginning of a promising cooperation in the field of digital transformation. The collaboration between the two companies not only provides customers with advanced solutions with coupled expertise, but also actively shapes the future of the digital business world. This alliance represents a fusion of innovation, customized efficiency and forward thinking.


With bundled expertise and a strong focus on customer orientation, this partnership is determined to create sustainable added value and competitive advantages for customers.

Your contact at Tumii Transformations:

Shawn Acheampong, CEO & specialist for digital transformation

We invite you to be part of this dynamic and global development and to discover the advantages of our cooperation for your company. Konfuzio Support is looking forward to hearing from you:

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