Save up to 75 % of time analyzing text with AI.

Konfuzio is the best solution for both simple and complex documents. See how Konfuzio automatically reads contracts and can present them to humans in a structured way. 

1. Your project

Create your own pilot project now for free to see our platform and AI for yourself.

Upload field in the AI of Konfuzio

2. Training data

Konfuzio achieves impressive results even with only few training data. For your pilot project, only 5 documents of one type are needed for the artificial intelligence to learn.


3. Data structure

With Konfuzio you have full control over every step. You decide which information to process. In our pilot project, we are training AI to extract text passages from annual reports of listed companies.


Add annotation for automatic extraction by AI
App Konfuzio text recognition

4. AI training

See how intuitive the training process is with our SmartView. Manually label your training dataset to train the AI.


5. Stability

Fully automatic testing after each training of the AI. Use our automatic release cycle. Monitor the AI's capabilities continuously via your browser.


Learning curve of AI through continuous learning
Human-in-the-loop in AI application

6. Feedback

Our AI is ready to go and continues to learn. Let the AI read new documents immediately and give the AI feedback.


7. Export

Export your results as you need them! Download the readout data from your pilot project bundled as a CSV file or use our API.


Export data to KI application

Train your own AI today!

Become a Konfuzio expert with just three AI tutorials

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