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Digital Champions Award in the category
"Digital Processes & Organization"

Data, especially unstructured data, abounds in every company. This is where enormous potential lies dormant, which can be leveraged with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Based on its own experience, Helm & Nagel developed the artificial intelligence "Konfuzio" - a self-learning software. For this, the jury awarded the Digital Champions Award in the category "Digital Processes & Organization" and additionally the award as "Best Regional Champion". 

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Konfuzio as a product of the
Helm & Nagel GmbH

In 2018, Helm & Nagel GmbH launched its self-learning software Konfuzio, which reads, extracts and validates information in documents. Based on their previous experience, the founders developed Konfuzio with a vision in mind: Enterprises should be able to make evolutionary improvements to their existing IT infrastructure while revolutionizing the technology used to understand and process documents. This is exactly what Konfuzio delivers through easy integration, self-learning adaptation and high scalability.


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