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Digital Champions Award in the category
"Digital Processes & Organization"

Data, especially unstructured data, abounds in every company. This is where enormous potential lies dormant, which can be leveraged with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Based on its own experience, Helm & Nagel developed the artificial intelligence "Konfuzio" - a self-learning software. For this, the jury awarded the Digital Champions Award in the category "Digital Processes & Organization" and additionally the award as "Best Regional Champion". 

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Konfuzio as a product of the
Helm & Nagel GmbH

In 2019, Helm & Nagel GmbH launched its self-learning software Konfuzio, which reads, extracts and validates information in documents. Based on their previous experience, the founders developed Konfuzio with a vision in mind: Companies should be able to improve the existing IT infrastructure in an evolutionary way and at the same time revolutionize the technology for understanding and processing documents. This is exactly what Konfuzio offers through easy integration, self-learning adaptation and high scalability.
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The Team

CFO from Konfuzio - Christopher Helm

Christopher Helm


Since the founding of Helm & Nagel GmbH in 2016, Christopher has been responsible for the product development of Konfuzio. He started very small with some MS Excel videos on YouTube. More than 10 years ago, the business student from Mannheim never imagined that these videos would lay the foundation for a company and AI software.

CTO of Konfuzio - Florian Zyprian

Florian Zyprian

As BASF-Hero, Florian has discovered security gaps at BASF, Deutsche Bahn and Celonis and helped to troubleshoot them. At Konfuzio, he not only ensures the confidential processing and secure electronic storage of all data, but also around the clock and without failure. As CTO, he heads the development team at Helm & Nagel GmbH.
Employees of Konfuzio - Christoph Oberländer

Christoph Oberländer

Customer Success
Through his past positions at EY, Siemens and NTT Data, Christoph has been reminded time and again of the dire need of digitalization and optimization, especially in big corporations. At Konfuzio, it is now up to him to apply his knowledge to customers and to introduce them to the software with the aim of making their everyday work easier.
Employee at Konfuzio - Iryna Pylypchuk

Iryna Pylypchuk

Sales & Business Development Manager

With 20 years of sales experience, Iryna is the sales genius of the team. Finding the right solution for the right customer is her specialty. Not only her experience, but also her last name is unique. To simplify, you can happily communicate with Iryna by "you".

Employees of Konfuzio - Giacomo Magnanini

Giacomo Magnanini

Full-Stack Developer
As an old hand in IT, Giacomo has already supervised various large projects and has been involved in many of them himself. He supports Konfuzio in expanding the IT architecture in a future-oriented way and helps to harmoniously combine new technology with existing technology with his many years of experience. He also brings the Italian Dolce Vita to the team in Munich.
Employee of Konfuzio - Ana Oliveira

Ana Oliveira

Head of AI
With a high level of automation, even the smallest deviations generate large errors. Ana uses her knowledge from various AI projects to adapt our product Konfuzio precisely and quickly to new customer requirements. She combines NLP, computer vision and traditional machine learning algorithms and has been learning German since her arrival from Portugal.
Employees of Konfuzio - Ben Trevett

Ben Trevett

AI Engineer
If the AI models understand the German text better than our native Englishman, Ben does not lean back and relax, but uses the time to learn German himself. As a GitHub pro, he not only outperforms some Instagram influencers with several thousand followers, but also trains multi-tenancy capable AI models whose capabilities go far beyond mere keywords and keyword search strategies.
Employee of Konfuzio - Alicia Peng

Alicia Peng

Customer Success
From Roland Berger, via KPMG and BMW to Helm & Nagel GmbH. Thanks to Konfuzio, Alicia now uses technologies which until recently were considered new and consulting-intensive in her consulting work, to enable cognitive automation for clients every day. Without human-defined rules, Konfuzio's AI learns decisions, not only from Alicia.
Employees of Konfuzio - Adrian Hayler

Adrian Hayler

AI Engineer
Adrian finds a mathematical formula for every mundane and non-everyday problem. At Konfuzio, he takes care of the mathematical modeling of documents and unstructured texts. Each time a document is uploaded to the platform, models pre-trained by him achieve the best performance in extracting and validating the content.
Employee of Konfuzio - Veronika Buchner

Veronika Buchner

Customer Success
Vroni is our expert in banking and IT. As a trained banker, she knows the challenges of banks not only in IT, but also has a longstanding background in servicing demanding corporate clients and knowing their needs. At Konfuzio, Vroni makes sure that our customers understand the software and the software our customers.
Employees at Konfuzio - Christopher Hechl

Christopher Hechl

AI Trainer

In sports, Christopher has always seen that discipline in training can work wonders. Now he trains our athletic AI for large enterprises to automate repetitive tasks for our client so they can sprint innovatively in time.

Employee at Konfuzio - Arjhun Mohanarangam

Arjhun Mohanarangam

Data Engineer

As a former assistant in the back office, Arjhun can not only describe the "pain point" addressed by Konfuzio well, but also back it up with anecdotes. With him, we have found a data engineer who solves problems with AI that he used to know all too well.

Employee at Konfuzio - Xhensila Poda

Xhensila Poda

Data Engineer

Xhensila enriches our team with her extensive experience in classical software development. As a developer, she knows how to inspire even classic IT infrastructure with the most modern methods of machine learning.

Employees of Konfuzio - Alexander Lanz

Alexander Lanz

Research Fellow

For Alex many things seem to be easy. As a former games engineering student, he is not only familiar with many different programming languages, but also knows which tool is needed for which use case. Alex oversees the economic evaluation of the AI in daily use and thus offers our customers valuable tips for a value-oriented application.

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