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At Konfuzio, the name says it all. The principles elaborated by the philosopher Confucius can be found with us practically applied in the 21st century.

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Why Konfuzio?

At Konfuzio, the name says it all. The principles developed by the philosopher Confucius can be found practically applied in the 21st century. One of his central statements is that good organization can create free space. Order enables an overview and helps to find things quickly. Our AI tool for intelligent document processing thus releases important resources that can then be used productively in the team. The human being is the focus of both Confucius and Konfuzio. Both internally and externally for companies and partners, our approach is an answer to the question of how humans and machines can work together and unleash the full potential of human intelligence with the help of artificial intelligence as a transformative element.


Flat hierarchies and the freedom to use tacit and explicit knowledge flexibly enable particularly effective processes and innovative results. We invest all resources directly in the further development of the tool as well as in a highly professional and diverse team with a contemporary corporate culture that is constantly evolving, especially in the course of our increasing internationalization.

Enablement character

We take a partnership approach, tailoring the tool to the customer's requirements - regardless of where and in which industry it is to be used. The AI acts as a harmonious support for the customer's core functions.


We rely on the tool, without external funds, without marketing. The features and their application possibilities should speak for themselves.

A product of Helm & Nagel GmbH

The Konfuzio team is part of the Helm & Nagel GmbH. The company is managed directly by the owners, that is, by the founders and shareholders, who initially developed Konfuzio themselves and now lead the team with different content focuses.
  • Christopher Helm, founding member and managing partner. Business development at eye level with partners, customers and suppliers.
  • Florian Zyprian, managing partner, the brain behind Konfuzio, Software Operations & Security. He has the technical aspects in mind and creates with the developers.
  • Julius Nagel, founding member. Currently he does not take an active role, but has remained as a namesake of the company.

Agile workflows with Scrum

Similar principles to those of Confucius can be found in the Scrum method, which was also developed in Asia. Here, organization and stability are ensured by a small number of core elements, which enable all the more flexible implementation techniques for the specific use case. Confucius also followed the maxim "The way is the goal", which in Scrum is reflected in an incremental and iterative approach (so-called sprints), with which quickly deployable and effortlessly scalable solutions are created. Its emphasis on humanity is reflected here in the focus on teamwork, with an openness and appreciation for the contributions of all employees as well as transparency towards stakeholders or customers.

Scrum as an agile method works regardless of location - whether in physical or virtual meetings. In addition to the Scrum developer meetings, there is the regular Town Hall Meeting, where the entire company comes together to discuss current developments across departments and recognize successful milestones. Mutual trust, good communication and reliability come into play in harmonious interaction, even over long distances.

Scrum principles for agile development:

  • Success through successful knowledge management
  • Better value creation through increased cooperation
  • Rapid and cost-effective development of high-quality products in accordance with a formulated vision

The customer sets the goal with his vision, i.e. the requirements for the desired user facing application. We organize the appropriate "vehicle" for this and set off together. We take care of the backend: We create the individual software modules and combine them into a harmonious whole that precisely meets the requirements formulated in each case. This is how we quickly reach our goal.

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Digital Champions Award in the category
"Digital Processes & Organization"

Data, especially unstructured data, abounds in every company. This is where enormous potential lies dormant, which can be leveraged with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Based on its own experience, Helm & Nagel developed the artificial intelligence "Konfuzio" - a self-learning software. For this, the jury awarded the Digital Champions Award in the category "Digital Processes & Organization" and additionally the award as "Best Regional Champion". 

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Safely into the digital transformation with Konfuzio

Together, we pursue a vision: to enable companies to make evolutionary improvements to their existing IT infrastructure while revolutionizing the technology for understanding and processing documents. Partners and enterprises will gain access to AI that can also be customized without extensive investment in research and development. With the help of our technological innovations, our customers should be able to focus on their core competence and thus lead the competition.

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