Process structured vs. unstructured data

The world of data is infinitely large and constantly growing. A distinction is made between structured and unstructured data. But what exactly does this mean and how can Konfuzio help you analyze and process this data? In this blog post, we would like to clarify these questions and show you how Konfuzio makes your work with data easier.

Structured data vs. unstructured data

First of all, let's understand what structured and unstructured data are and how they differ from each other:

Structured data

Structured data is information that is organized in an orderly and predictable way. It follows a certain structure and can therefore be easily stored in databases and tables. Examples of structured data are customer data, product information or sales statistics. This data can be easily analyzed, searched and processed.

Unstructured data

In contrast, unstructured data is information that has no fixed structure or organization. It comes in a variety of formats and can consist of emails, documents, images, videos, or social media posts. Unstructured data makes up the majority of the world's data and is more difficult to analyze and process because it does not have a consistent structure.

The challenges of unstructured data

The processing of unstructured data poses a number of challenges for companies:

  1. Data diversity: Since unstructured data comes in different formats, it is difficult to analyze it in a consistent way. A text document, an image, and a video may require different analysis methods.
  2. Data set: The amount of unstructured data is enormous and constantly growing. Companies must therefore be able to process this data efficiently in order to gain valuable insights from it.
  3. Data quality: Unstructured data can be incomplete, inconsistent or ambiguous. Improving the quality of this data and extracting relevant information is a major challenge.

How Konfuzio can help you process unstructured data

Konfuzio is an AI-based software solution that helps organizations efficiently analyze and process structured and unstructured data.

Automated data extraction

Konfuzio uses state-of-the-art AI technologies to automatically analyze unstructured data and extract relevant information from it. This allows companies to gain valuable insights without having to perform complex manual processes.


Konfuzio's AI can be applied to different data sources and formats and automatically adapts to the respective requirements. Whether it is text documents, images, videos or other unstructured data - Konfuzio is able to extract and process the relevant information.

Data integration

With Konfuzio, the extracted information from unstructured data can be seamlessly integrated into existing databases and systems. This allows companies to efficiently use their data and apply it to their business processes.

Data Quality Management

Konfuzio helps improve data quality by identifying and correcting incomplete, inconsistent or ambiguous data. This enables more accurate analysis and better decision making based on the available information.

Application examples for Konfuzio

Here are some examples of how companies can use Konfuzio to process unstructured data:

Contract Analysis

Companies can use Konfuzio to automatically analyze contract documents and extract important information such as contract terms, durations or cancellation periods.

Customer reviews

Konfuzio can collect and analyze customer reviews from various sources such as online stores or social media platforms. This provides important insights that can be used to improve products or services.

Sentiment analysis

With the help of Konfuzio, companies can analyze and better understand the sentiment and opinions of their customers and target groups from unstructured data such as texts, comments or social media posts.


Structured and unstructured data offer companies different challenges and opportunities. While structured data is easier to analyze and process, unstructured data poses a greater challenge. With Konfuzio, however, companies can also use unstructured data efficiently and gain valuable insights. Through automated data extraction, customization, data integration and data quality management, Konfuzio helps companies overcome the challenges that unstructured data brings and enables better decision making based on the information available.

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