Straight through processing with Konfuzio

In today's fast-paced business world, efficiency is the key to success. Companies face the challenge of optimizing their transaction processes to minimize errors and increase customer satisfaction. To do this, companies use Konfuzio, an advanced AI software solution that enables Straight Through Processing (STP) and automates business processes from start to finish.

What is straight through processing?

Straight through processing refers to the fully automated processing of transactions without manual intervention. This process is particularly important when speed and accuracy are critical. By implementing STP, companies can lower their operating costs, reduce errors and shorten the overall transaction time.

Advantages of Konfuzio in straight through processing

  1. AutomationKonfuzio automates the entire transaction process, resulting in more efficient and error-free processing.
  2. Time savingReducing manual intervention significantly shortens the processing time of transactions.
  3. Cost reductionAutomated processes lead to lower operating costs and more efficient use of resources.
  4. Error minimizationThe probability of errors is significantly reduced due to the elimination of manual intervention.
  5. Customer satisfactionFaster and more accurate transaction processing leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Applications of Straight Through Processing

  • Automated checking of certificates

    The ability to distinguish between forged diplomas and employment certificates is becoming increasingly important. Employers and educational institutions need to ensure that certificates submitted are authentic in order to maintain the integrity of their institutions. This is where Konfuzio comes in - a software that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a reliable, efficient and future-proof solution for the automated verification and analysis of [...]

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  • Contract review: AI-based efficiency for law firms and lawyers

    If you are a lawyer, you will certainly be familiar with the problem: manually checking and evaluating contracts can be extremely time-consuming and error-prone. Every day, numerous contracts, both online and paper-based, have to be checked in detail; in addition, all clauses and deadlines in the contract have to be adhered to correctly. And all this while new clients are constantly waiting for your services. [...]

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  • Financial forecasts through emotion analysis of financial news

    Forecasting share prices is one of the most challenging tasks in finance. Conventional methods based on historical data and classic economic models reach their limits due to the volatile and dynamic nature of the markets. In addition, limitations in web scraping of financial data make comprehensive data collection difficult. In this use case, we present an innovative approach to [...]

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  • Financial forecasting through multimodal data analysis and knowledge integration

    Efficient financial forecasting requires the use of external data, adaptive evaluation of multimodal information and the recognition of value relationships. Konfuzio's approach to efficient financial forecasting integrates financial knowledge data, uses text, video and audio adaptively and takes value relationships into account. In the following use case, you will learn how our method overcomes challenges, which steps are used to implement it and which advantages it [...].

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  • Air Waybill - Automation of air freight at Zurich Airport

    The automation of business processes, including the archiving of air waybills (AWB), has become increasingly important in the logistics industry to improve efficiency and accuracy. In this context, we would like to present a successful example of the implementation of an automated AWB archiving system at a logistics company at Zurich Airport. Initial situation A leading logistics company at Zurich Airport was faced with [...]

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Konfuzio: Software for efficient straight through processing

Konfuzio offers a comprehensive STP solution designed specifically for the financial sector. With Konfuzio, companies can automate their transaction processes, from order placement to final settlement. This leads to a significant reduction in manual intervention and enables faster and more accurate processing of transactions.


Straight Through Processing with Konfuzio offers an effective solution for companies that want to optimize their business processes and stay on the cutting edge of technology. With Konfuzio, you can be confident that your transactions will be processed quickly, accurately and efficiently, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage.

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