Automated splitting of documents

Use AI-based document splitting to increase the efficiency of your company's document processing. Konfuzio's Splitting AI is an advanced technology that automatically segments multi-page document streams into separate files, minimizing the need for manual processing.

Konfuzio's Splitting AI is designed to support companies in their digital transformation.

Advantages for your company

The division is carried out using artificial intelligence, which makes separate scanning of the documents superfluous. There is also no need to attach barcodes or use separator pages.

Automated document splitting minimizes time-consuming tasks and makes it possible to focus resources on strategic business goals. The segmentation function therefore represents an important step towards smarter and faster information processing.

Konfuzio's Splitting AI is a project-centric function. Integrate Splitting AI into your system first to apply it to internal projects. Learn more about the implementation and start optimizing your document processes today.