Artificial intelligence in industry

Data-driven processes and decisions are increasingly becoming part of everyday life in companies. The use of artificial intelligence can increase the quality of these and support the team in various activities.

Use the Konfuzio platform to train our AI specifically for your applications. We support you with the ideal technical environment and the necessary know-how.

Data & AI in the industry

More and more data is being generated by the digital transformation. The use of artificial intelligence helps engineers and data scientists to structure and evaluate the huge amounts of data. In industry, AI applications span the entire lifecycle. Intelligent recommendations and automatic data processing optimize the type and speed of both production and back-office activities.

The focus is on processes that involve extensive manual steps and are time-consuming. These include, for example, contract and order management, structuring payment advice notes and evaluating (handwritten) forms or documents. Konfuzio helps you to digitize your administration and increase net market time. This means that more customer contact and therefore more business can be generated from existing working time.

Contract management through AI in industrial companies


In companies, employees spend about 22 minutes a day or 11 working days a year searching for the required information in contracts.

How can Konfuzio help?

Konfuzio converts contracts into a machine readable form. Our artificial intelligence recognizes the important elements in contracts that can span hundreds of pages thanks to pre-trained AI-models or models specially trained by the customer.


The transformation of Konfuzio reduces the search time considerably and guarantees a stable contract management with a good overview.

Contract industry sample

Industrial companies use AI to process payment advices


More than 20% of the largest companies still employ about 21 accountants per $1 billion in revenue. If each of these employees made up to 50 entries a day, you would have more than 1000 manual transactions a day for a company with $1 billion in revenue.

How can Konfuzio help?

Konfuzio recognizes the required data such as names, addresses, invoice amounts or invoice dates and assigns them to the respective suppliers.


Thanks to Konfuzio, these accounting processes are significantly accelerated and employees are often spared monotonous work so they can focus on other more important issues.

Payment advice AI

Creating real added value for industrial companies from data through AI

The applications of Artificial Intelligence in industry are vast and offer incredible potential. Konfuzio helps you understand and validate data from your documents. We go beyond partial automation of processes and offer end-to-end automation. This is how we enable our customers to constantly change and adapt in the digital age.

Fully exploit the competitive advantage that can be established by combining AI, data and human know-how. This allows you to create real value from your data through data-driven value creation.


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AI in industrial companies processes invoices automatically


Managing liabilities by processing invoices, accepting orders or using payment terms is an enormous cost factor for smaller companies.

How can Konfuzio help?

We helped a German medium-sized company with the elimination of the auditing of accounts by having our software analyze the necessary invoice documents, check them for correctness and structure them accordingly.


With the Konfuzio solution, invoices, payment notifications and purchase orders can be transferred directly into SAP without lengthy invoice checks.

Liquidity Management Invoice KI