Organize shared email inbox

connect konfuzio with power automate

Organize and automate your shared email inbox

Every day countless emails reach various inboxes and hardly any company can effectively and quickly classify, answer and assign the increasing flood of emails to the corresponding business process. The result: slow and confusing email processing hinders reaction times, your employees ability to provide information and disappoints your customers' expectations.

How does the organization of the shared email inbox work?

A combination of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI organizes your joint team mailbox through semantic analysis, recognizes and extracts data from texts or attached documents and creates automatic responses. Your emails are automatically processed in seconds and you relieve your employees of time-consuming routine activities. A wide variety of use cases such as incoming digital invoices, orders by email or customer support requests such as address changes are supported.

1. humans support AI for optimal automation

New workflows are trained with the help of humans. The human decides which steps are necessary for which type of email and thus supports the AI on the way to a constant & automatic improvement of accuracy.


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2. Connecting AI with RPA

connect konfuzio with power automate

Our experts combine our AI with an RPA solution such as Power Automate for you. We offer the Konfuzio AI app free of charge as a custom connector. From this point on, the AI learns with every incoming email.

3. Organize workflows for a shared inbox

Additional workflows (e.g. the classification of emails) are automatically adopted as soon as the AI is sure which sequence of steps is necessary after the training. Any special cases or emails that cannot be automatically assigned remain in the shared mailbox for manual processing.

Power Automate flow

4. Konfuzio API reads emails and attachments

Recognition of handwriting in documents

The Konfuzio AI processes and understands both the text in the e-mail itself and in attached files using the OCR module. This makes even scanned documents machine-readable. The deep learning technology can also achieve a higher level of automation for handwriting.

5. Automatic email response to verify the extracted data

By understanding the data individualization is possible. The extracted data is transferred to a form for verification and sent directly to the sender in a response email who can now confirm the correctness or add changes with one click.

personalized email

Applications for AI can be found in various processes

Organize incoming digital invoices in your email inbox


An invoice passes many processing points from receiving the invoice in the email inbox to payment - especially in large companies. The assignment of the invoices to the right department and the responsible person, approval processes and transfer to ERP systems are just a few of the steps associated with invoice processing. The longer this process, the more time it will consume.


An intelligent organization of the mailbox automatically recognizes email bills or invoice attachments. By reading the content, such as the invoice number, invoice issuer and service recipient, it is determined how the invoice will be processed further. The responsible person is automatically assigned for processing and data is transferred to ERP systems. The processing time is reduced considerably by the elimination of manual activities.

Intelligently manage orders in the email inbox


In most cases, orders are processed directly in the company's internal systems if an online shop is available. However, if a customer asks any questions about shipping and delivery or about the order itself, this requires manual processing via the email inbox. Reading the emails, assigning them to the correct order in the CRM system and answering the request represent hurdles for providing a fast order processing.


In order to respond as quickly as possible to the order and shipping status or individual inquiries about the order, companies use the automatic data synchronization from email and CRM system. An automatic assignment of the order takes place, a direct answer is created and thus the time to process the inquiries is reduced. Refunds, changes or status inquiries can thus be processed as quickly as possible and increase customer satisfaction.

Respond individually to customer inquiries in the email inbox


Even with good business development and process changes, many European companies have a backlog of thousands of emails in central mailboxes. This volume of customer inquiries cannot be processed quickly enough due to a lack of time and human resources - especially since it continues to grow every day.


By providing automated analysis, classification and distribution of emails, a fast response time and a higher quality of customer service can be achieved. Above all, through the individualized contact with customers, the expectations of good support are met. The extracted data from emails and attachments are used to generate automatic response emails and to react directly and personally to customer inquiries.

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