Flexibility with the Konfuzio SDK

The Konfuzio SDK is a tool for the efficient and flexible management of your projects, documents and AIs. This means you don't have to rely solely on the solutions we provide for you - you can develop individual data pipelines and artificial intelligence that best suit your needs, automate all steps in your workflow and speed up your annotation process.

The Konfuzio Software Development Kit enables companies to develop and integrate customized data pipelines and artificial intelligence.

Who can use the Konfuzio SDK?

The Konfuzio SDK is ideal for a wide range of user groups: From developers and data scientists to IT administrators and business analysts. It is particularly suitable for organizations and companies that want to individually automate and optimize their document processing processes.

Note!Customization of AIs with the Konfuzio SDK requires a self-hosted installation of the Konfuzio server.

By adapting to the specific requirements of each industry, the Konfuzio SDK offers a flexible solution to improve document processing and data analysis.

Main functions

The Konfuzio SDK provides a Python API for interaction with the Konfuzio Server as well as tools for the local creation of advanced document processing tools.

Python API and tutorials

The SDK provides an intuitive Python API for interacting with the Konfuzio server and extensive tutorials. With our tutorials you will learn how to

  • Prepare data for your project
  • Create different types of annotations
  • Gain useful insights from your data set
  • Classify your documents
  • Split stream-of-page scans

and much more. Use our ready-made abstract classes to create your own models for splitting documents, categorization and data extraction that are precisely tailored to your company's specific needs.

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