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The paperless age has long since dawned. No matter where you look, everything is digitized these days. Important documents, such as salary slips, should be carefully digitized and stored. However, simply scanning the documents and storing them internally within the company involves a great deal of manual effort on the one hand, and is also very error-prone when it comes to further processing of the data. Scanned documents are saved as image files or PDFs. It is therefore impossible to read out and process specific information listed in the document. Thanks to our AI-based software, salary statements are read digitally and individual details can be processed further without errors and efficiently. In addition, our software becomes smarter and more automated as it is used. 

So save yourself a lot of effort in organizing your company's documents.
In this article you will learn why you should digitize salary slips in the future and how you can do this easily with our software.

  1. Digitize salary slips increases your efficiency

  2. Keeping documents simple by digitizing salary slips

  3. Digitize pay stubs: This is how the digitized payslip works

  4. Are you concerned about data privacy?

  5. FAQ

1. Digitize payslips increases your efficiency

The effort already starts with the manual data entry of all employees. The payroll must contain the name and address of the employer as well as master data of the employee, and insurance and tax data. If you now need a single piece of information from an employee, your employees have to search the image file of the stored salary statement on their own.

In many companies, salary statements are scanned and stored digitally as image files or PDFs. But this means that individual details in the document cannot be extracted and made individually editable. The scanned image file has to be forwarded as a PDF, JPG or PNG file, if required, and the required information is manually extracted from the salary statement. Depending on the amount of documents to be processed, this costs a lot of valuable working time of your employees. But not only the manual effort costs time, depending on the department documents are processed with different programs and sent via email. With our AI software Konfuzio you can directly edit documents and search out information in your own software. This saves you additional time.

Thanks to our Konfuzio software, your documents are read out and individually contained information is immediately accessible digitally. This is because our artificial intelligence not only continues to learn with each process, it also converts the image file into an editable text file. This not only saves a lot of working time, which can be used for more important business tasks, but also reduces the error rate when manually searching for and entering information from your documents.

But it's not just the time savings and automated text recognition and processing that speak in favor of digitizing documents such as salary slips. The time savings also save employee costs that could be spent on more profitable activities in the same amount of time. In addition, document storage is significantly faster and easier when you digitize your records with our software.

2. preservation of documents simply by digitizing salary slips.

Why do salary records need to be kept?

As an employer, you should carefully keep all documents related to your company so that you can show proof of, for example, details of employees' wages or insurance policies at any time if required. If you cannot provide proof of these documents, you may face legal difficulties with the authorities such as the tax office.

In addition, tax records and payroll records, among other things, are checked at regular intervals by Deutsche Rentenversicherung, which is intended to verify pension entitlements or clarify certain contribution payments. 

To save you as a company a lot of hassle and additional effort, you should therefore digitize all documents that could be requested during a subsequent official audit with our AI software. This not only provides you with an overview of all documents, it also allows you to retrieve individual parameters quickly and easily thanks to our artificial intelligence. 

3. digitize salary slips: How digitizing documents works with Konfuzio

Are you wondering how to digitize your pay slips? With our software, it's easy.

Our OCR technology, which automatically recognizes text and writing, makes it possible to digitize your entire documents. The integration via an API interface of Konfuzio into your existing software also saves you the time-consuming training of your employees.
The photo or scan of the document is created, uploaded via API interface and then processed by our AI software.
After that you will get the output in JSON format. You can convert all your documents to searchable PDFs and PDF/As. Other output formats are available upon request.

4. are you concerned about data protection?

Nevertheless, many companies still shy away from leaving the digitization of, for example, salary statements to artificial intelligence, although this is highly recommended. Our software is continuously being expanded and is based on the DIN SPEC 92001 AI Triangle®. This allows us to guarantee the highest security and robustness of our software. 

Because Konfuzio is already used by some banks where highly sensitive data is processed. You can be sure that data of your documents is absolutely safe.

So what are you waiting for? Arrange a consultation now and we will show you the potential of our software Konfuzio.


Should you digitize payroll?

Digitizing your documents offers the advantage of having them stored in an orderly manner for later processing of individual data and for possible official inspections. Through our software, you can thus access individual editable data from your documents.

Why should you keep pay stubs?

The storage of documents such as pay slips is important for possible official audits. Especially when audits are due, often years later, you can quickly and easily access the respective payslips. This makes it easy for you to retrieve the data of older documents. In addition, data from the documents can be retrieved and processed again and again in everyday work.

How can documents such as payroll records be digitized?

Documents can be scanned and thus stored digitally on your PC.you can also upload your documents directly in our software Konfuzio. Multiple files can be selected and uploaded in parallel. Our AI will then process all the data in a flash and create a finished and individually editable document. The output format is in JSON format. After consultation, you can choose from other output formats.

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