Effective communication with System Messages in Konfuzio

We are pleased to announce a new feature for our self-hosted Konfuzio users: System Messages.

This innovative tool improves the ability to inform users about important system updates, upcoming maintenance and other important announcements directly within your private Konfuzio installation.


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Key functions

System Messages empower administrators with various additional functions to improve communication and user experience:

  • Broadcast announcements - Share important updates such as planned maintenance, new features and policy changes.
  • Targeted messages - Display messages selectively on the login page, all pages or specific sections to reach the right audience.
  • Severity levels - Classify messages with color-coded borders "neutral; informative; warning" to indicate urgency.
  • Dismissable warnings - Allow logged-in users to close messages they have seen for a clean and relevant user interface.
  • Planned delivery - You can perfectly time your messages by setting specific start and end times. This ensures that they reach users at the most suitable moment.

Advantages for users

  • Increased transparency - Always stay well informed about system changes and updates.
  • Improved user experience - Reduce confusion and improve satisfaction with clear, direct communication.
  • Increased awareness - Direct delivery of important announcements ensures that important information is not overlooked.

Set up System Messages

To use system messages effectively:

  1. Check authorizations - Only users with specific roles and permissions can manage System Messages.
  2. Environment configuration - Make sure that SYSTEM_MESSAGES_ENABLED is set to True. This function is deactivated by default.
  3. Message management - Authorized users can create, edit and delete messages via the Konfuzio admin interface, customizing the content, timing and targeting of messages.
Add system message

Display settings and preferences

  • Configurable display - You can choose whether system messages should be displayed on the login page, on all pages or only on the main pages.
  • Manage overlapping messages - Avoid message flooding by limiting the number of system messages displayed simultaneously (default maximum is three).
  • Severity indicators - Use different border colors to signal the importance of the message, which improves user understanding and response.
System message Display configuration

Technical considerations

Time zone awareness

When scheduling system messages, Konfuzio offers the option of setting them according to the server time. It makes sense to take into account any time zone differences between the server location and your local time zone in order to adapt the message transmission to your global user base.

Rejectable messages

Konfuzio makes it possible to design system messages in such a way that they can be closed by users. This can be an option to ensure the topicality and relevance of messages for the individual user and at the same time increase user-friendliness. In comparison:

User access

Konfuzio's role and authorization system offers various options for managing access to system messages. It is possible to set up which team members are authorized to view, create, update or delete system messages, which enables flexible and secure handling of internal communication.

First steps

To start with system messages:

  1. Create new messages with unique titles, informative content and specific display locations.
  2. Set start and end times to schedule your messages for optimal impact.
  3. Select severity level and specify whether users may reject the message.
System message Severity level definition

For detailed instructions and further information, please refer to our comprehensive Documentation to system messages.


The introduction of system messages in Konfuzio provides an effective solution for the dissemination of important information within a self-hosted environment.

System Messages enable targeted communication, improve transparency and support the clear transfer of information.

With customizable settings and a comprehensive authorization system, administrators can now control internal communication even more efficiently. The new Konfuzio feature is therefore a significant step towards simplifying and optimizing communication processes in your company.

Contact us if you would like to purchase a license for a self-hosted Konfuzio installation, which will give you access to the new system messages along with countless other benefits.

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