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New Konfuzio feature compares AI results

Maximilian Schneider

When analyzing documents, it is important to work precisely and efficiently. Konfuzio helps you achieve this by extracting valuable insights from large amounts of data and facilitating interaction with AI models for document extraction. The new feature amplifies these benefits by allowing you to monitor any AI in any document. The result is increased transparency and better results, as you now have detailed insights into the functioning and effectiveness of the AI models. This ensures that your document analysis is even more accurate and efficient.

More transparency and more precise results through the comparison of annotations.

Previously, users could only access the extractions of the current model. And this was only possible if the user had uploaded the document from scratch. So until now, the "pure" annotation of the extraction AI was not visible on existing test and training documents. From now on, however, a more comprehensive understanding can be achieved by examining the nuances of multiple models.

Comparing annotations made easy

Konfuzio offers the flexibility to train multiple extraction AI models tailored to each document category. These models evolve over time, improving their performance and providing more accurate annotations. Since the performance of the models can vary depending on the document, Konfuzio offers a new feature that facilitates comparison at the document level. Users can use the Document Viewer seamlessly access previous extractions where annotations from each model are available for comparison.

By navigating to the "Filter" section and selecting the "Version" drop-down menu, users can examine the annotations from different models applied to the same document. This dynamic feature allows you to observe in real time how the annotations change when switching between models. Below you will find a brief run-through of this new function:

Understanding the difference between extraction and annotation

As Annotation is a mark in a document that was created by a person or a machine. A Extraction is the "unchanged" output of an extraction AI, which is stored in the background.

When extractions are displayed on a document, they are converted to annotations.

Please note: Only the term "annotation" is used in the web interface.

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