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Konfuzio introduces flexible billing and smart labeling

Maximilian Schneider

Konfuzio makes your Document management easier and more efficient. Our latest features improve labeling, offer flexible billing options and make it simpler to keep track of your documents. Discover below how these updates will have a positive impact on your day-to-day work.

Simplify your labeling process

A description of the information to be extracted from a document is often already part of the document itself. For example, the name of the recipient you want to extract is followed by a "Name:" in front of it. To save you search time during the labeling process, the Konfuzio DVUI search for the label with one click. If you are not satisfied with the search results, you can change the search term.

Tip: The search option is also always available within the document. To do this, use the magnifying glass at the bottom.

Search Function

Flexible billing options

Our subscription service is designed with flexibility in mind. Each plan comes with set limits on the number of pages, which means each subscription has a page limit and a page rate. The page limit is a limit on the total number of pages your account can process on the server within a month. The page rate is a limit on the total number of pages your account can process on the server within one hour. How high the limits are depends on your subscription.

Recognizing the need for greater adaptability, we have introduced settings that allow you to manage these limits more effectively. You can now decide for yourself whether you want to exceed one of these limits. There is a setting in your subscription that allows you to enable or disable the two limits. This way, you don't have to upgrade your subscription for the extra pages you only need in certain cases. Instead, you only pay for the additional pages you process.

Tip: For more information on the settings for flexible billing and pricing, see here.

Subscription limit settings

Filter in the Konfuzio DVUI

As your document labeling tasks increase, keeping track of all your labels can become daunting. To address this, we have integrated filters into the Konfuzio DVUI. Imagine that some labels still need to be assigned to the text, while the majority have already been assigned by the AI has been edited. To save you the time you would need to search for open labels, there is now a filter that allows you to recognize them immediately.

Another feature:

Konfuzio DVUI displays labels when you move the mouse pointer over annotations.

To check the annotations more intuitively, the annotation label is displayed when the mouse pointer is moved over the annotation while viewing the document.

Changes in the document view

In the document view, you can now see the number of pages per document. This allows you to easily determine whether a document exceeds the expected length for a certain category, for example, and should be examined as a deviation.

Number of pages

Konfuzio at the Business Incubator in Passau

Mark February 29 in your calendar. At the Business Incubator in Passau, Konfuzio's CEO, Christopher Helm, will provide exciting impulses on the topic of document processing and AI. Various companies that also offer solutions for the Digitization as well as numerous listeners from the regional economy. The lecture series is intended to provide interesting food for thought for the subsequent exchange of ideas and networking.

Are you interested in participating?

-> Click here for the Registration

Economic Forum Passau Konfuzio

How can we improve?

Do you have an innovative solution in mind that makes the use of our tools even easier, more intuitive or more efficient for your day-to-day business? Our support team would be happy to share your thoughts:

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