Konfuzio Server Release Notes: 2023 - 1st Quarter

We are pleased to announce the latest version of Konfuzio Server, version released-2023-04-23_18-48-59. This version uses Konfuzio Python SDK version v.0.2.16 and Konfuzio Document Validation UI version v.0.1.5. This version brings new features and enhancements to improve user experience and AI training time.

Important note on migration: Please note that with this version the internal format of the saved AI's changes. To ensure a smooth update process, existing AI's must be migrated to this Konfuzio server version before the update. The migration process can be done with the command "python manage.py resave_all_with_cloudpickle". If you need help or encounter any problems during the migration process, please contact our support team. The Konfuzio server will not start if there are non-migrated AIs. After the migration process, the usual update actions must be performed.

New Features:

  • Users can now calculate and access Tokenizer via the web interface.
  • Labels in label sets can now be sorted to allow customization of the user interface per category.
  • The training time of the extraction AIs has been improved (reduced up to 50%) when using the word recognition mode.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an error when training with character recognition mode that tokenized some labels incorrectly.
  • An error during the post-processing steps of the extraction, which caused the first lines of each page to be skipped, has been fixed.

In the previous release, version released-2023-03-18_13-32-19, contract managers were given the ability to invite users to their subscription. Also fixed a bug that prevented AI guests from re-categorizing documents via the API.

In the previous release, version 2023-03-06_21-09-18, several new features were added, including total document edit time for API V3, the ability for AI guests to re-categorize documents, and access to the Contract Center for subscription management.

Other recent releases, such as the released-2023-02-17_14-27-57, brought new features such as the ability to add multiple annotations and annotation sets in an API request and to edit multiple documents at once. It also fixed issues such as correct error handling when resetting the password for an unregistered user and inactive users no longer receiving email notifications.

Finally, version 2023-02-08_10-58-15 allowed upload of custom AIs for self-hosted installations and included tracking of user acceptance of proposed categories in the document validation interface.

To sum up, we are continuously working on improving Konfuzio Server and providing a better experience for all users. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the near future!

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