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Automate complex back office processes and use more data to generate insights. OCR, extract, validate & process documents.

OCR | Classification | Extraction | Validation via Web Interface | Annotating Documents | Python SDK

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  • 70+ languages OCR
  • 100 pages / day
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  • 70+ languages OCR
  • 500 pages / day
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The process of your support service

Highest ROI for your AI

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    Personal contact person

    Your personal contact person supports you during the Proof of Value phase (approx. 4 weeks) in regular appointments as well as via e-mail and telephone. Workshops can be booked optionally.
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    Individual project plan

    To enable you to take advantage of Konfuzio as quickly as possible, we will work out a detailed project plan in consultation with you.
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    Joint configuration & evaluation

    From training to user authorization: Your contact person supports you in the configuration of all product areas. In addition, you will receive concrete assistance in evaluating and monitoring the AI during use.
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    24/7 operation & support

    We don't just advise you on the rollout of Konfuzio: we nurture your AI with new data every day. We also provide hands-on training and guidance to empower your business teams.

Select a subscription, increase the automation of your processes and make more data-driven decisions.

For a long time, only large companies with > 5 million pages p.a. were able to use our AI. Now we also offer Konfuzio as a SaaS version.


Ideal for independent tests with smaller volumes.


Ideal for hyperautomation projects with high ROI.


Ideal as a strategic and high-volume AI platform.
Document AI Labeling
Categorization classes
Number of classes defined by the user to categorize documents and images.
see Contract
Extraction fields
Number of fields defined by the user to be extracted from documents and images.
see Contract
Topic Modeling
Analysis of custom contract clauses, topics or sentiments within entire paragraphs.
see Contract
We label for you
Our experts train any AI for you in German and English. Konfuzio supports over 70 languages.
5,000 annotations
0,5 € / Annotation
Document AI Training
Training documents
Number of documents available for training the AI including duplication check.
see Contract
Test documents
Number of documents available for testing the AI including duplication check.
see Contract
Configurable AI Pipelines
Run customized AI on Konfuzio through a custom CI pipeline.
Python Module
Document layout
Detect tables, headings, paragraphs, titles, and lists via our pre-trained page layout AI.
Document AI Review
Get exclusive consulting hours with our AI experts to support you with the IT architecture or AI training
dedicated support 2 h / week
see Contract
Active learning
Model-assisted labeling with user task assignment.
OCR engine
Applied OCR engine for extracting text from images and scans.
unlimited OCR
unlimited OCR
see Contract
Load peak
Guaranteed number of pages per day that will be processed.
100 pages / day
500 pages / day
Import formats
File formats authorized for upload.
PNG, PDF, JPG, TIF, Office
PDF conversion
Conversion of PDFs to images (JPEG, PNG etc.) and of images (JPEG, PNG etc.) to PDFs.
Separate stack scans
Split stack scans into individual documents.
see Contract
Pages per document
Amount of pages that can be uploaded per document.
see Contract
Page rotation
Rotate pages up to 360 degrees.
see Contract
Review OCR
Review recognized text or handwriting via the web interface.
Do anything you can do in the web interface via our REST API according to Open API standard.
User-defined HTTP callbacks that are triggered once the document is classified and extracted.
Typed data export
Type your labels into different data types.
Date, Integer, Float, Boolean
Pro + Custom
RPA connection
Connect Konfuzio to an RPA system to automate entire end-to-end processes.
Power Automate
see Contract
Anonymization - Redaction
Blacken particular segments of a document to make them anonymous (e.g. personal data).
White Label integration
Custom branding as an efficient way to add more offerings or capitalize on new services.
MS Teams & AirTable
your CI
Security & Administration
Protects your data as you move between your location and the cloud provider.
PDF Security
Removal of security-critical content in documents and repair of inoperable or unusable PDF files.
GDPR-compliant operation incl. technical and organizational measures for resellers.
Performance Report
Detailed processing reports per API, document, document category and extracted fields.
Role Management
Customizable user role management.
Compliance Log
Access log messages for regulatory reasons to improve compliance standards.
Host Konfuzio in your private company cloud or airgapped.
Supported browsers
List of supported browsers for our web interface.
Chrome & Edge
Chrome & Edge
Chrome & Edge

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