People for AI becomes Konfuzio Partner

Supporting AI projects with high-quality annotated data

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our Konfuzio Platform Ecosystem to announce: a partnership with People for AI. As a leading provider of AI-driven solutions for Document Understanding, categorization and Data extraction Konfuzio understands the critical role of high-quality data in training for qualitative AI. With the expertise of People for AI in the field of human annotation, we can expand our offering for our customers. In this article, we look at the services provided by People for AI and show how they contribute to our ecosystem.

Improved data labeling

Annotation of data plays a critical role in training new machine learning algorithms, and People for AI provides comprehensive resources in diverse languages for this purpose. People for AI employees' high-quality, multi-verified annotations include images, text, PDFs, and more. By working with People for AI, AI teams can focus on developing innovative algorithms while the necessary training datasets are available for download directly from the Konfuzio platform.

Quality comes first

People for AI places the highest value on quality in its annotations. People for AI has chosen Konfuzio to ensure exceptionally accurate results, especially in documents. With a team of professional annotators and expert management, they provide an iterative and highly scalable process and commit to the client with target achievement of defined KPIs. Their commitment to quality has been recognized by clients such as Clarifai's Data Asset Manager, Michael A. Tolbert, praised:

We worked with the PFAI team on a very complicated and multimodal labeling project and could not have asked for a better partner. The team provides a high level of project management, with regular communication.

Michael A. Tolbert, Data Asset Manager, Clarifai, Inc.

Accelerate AI implementation with high-quality training data

Through our partnership with People for AI, Konfuzio customers can accelerate the implementation of AI projects with high-quality training data. People for AI also gives existing customers access to high-quality annotations for NLP and Computer Visoin. Existing customers include Foodvisor, Kili, Inarix, Alteia and many more. The company handles complex annotation projects and completes thousands of annotation tasks per week. They are currently active in various industries such as:

  • Automatic document processing: They processed invoices from all over Europe in 5 languages with over 30 complex classes.
  • Food Classification: For their client Foodvisor, they annotated images with more than 1500 food classes in a 4-step process (geometry, classification, review, super-review) in over 20,000 hours of labeling work.
  • Autonomous vehicles: three partners (a government-owned company, startups, and large enterprises) rely on over 20 identifiers to tag images, videos, and lidar data.
  • Aerial and Satellite Imagery: Work closely with partners (Alteia, Delair Marine, Kanop, etc.) to use drone and satellite imagery to detect objects and events from the air to provide high quality, labeled data.

An integrated company

People for AI is dedicated to delivering exceptionally accurate training data with increased levels of confidence. They work exclusively with internal annotators to effectively manage complex, long-term projects. By providing social, pension and training benefits, they improve working conditions, resulting in an action-oriented CSR policy.

In addition to quality, they emphasize speed, scalability, and communication. They provide metrics and regular progress reports to their customers and work with them to define the best data tagging strategy. Customers like Pointly's Head of Strategy, Sid Hinrichs, praise People for AI saying:

PFAI is a competent partner for annotation services and has supported us in several projects of different types. The processes are very lean and flexible, and the project team is always in close contact with us. The team consistently delivers high-quality annotations for complex tasks and has demonstrated a strong QA and review process.

Sid Hinrichs, Head of Strategy, Pointly GmbH

In addition, People for AI provides customized offerings and support nonprofit AI projects that seek to make a positive impact by using AI to solve social and environmental problems. NGOs can access high-quality services for free or at an affordable price for a variety of applications, including humanitarian, medical, environmental, social, and animal-related fields.


Konfuzio is pleased to welcome People for AI as a new partner in the ecosystem. This collaboration allows our customers to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise of a company dedicated to providing high-quality data. Customers can leverage Konfuzio as a best-in-class API data service through People for AI without having to annotate data themselves. Through People for AI, effective and efficient preparation of data for AI projects occurs.

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