PDF OCR for documents & scans

Optical Character Recognition in PDF (PDF OCR) recognizes text and handwriting in scanned documents. Also convert text from images like JPG, PNG, photos and TIFF files.

1. Create your project

Create your own text and handwriting recognition project now for free using our intelligent PDF OCR.

Documents are uploaded for processing with AI

2. online PDF OCR

Load your files into our web interface and Konfuzio extracts the text in seconds.

3. PDF to text

Also from images like JPG and PNG or handwriting Konfuzio extracts the text into PDF/A within seconds. Other formats, e.g. HOCR, are accessible on request.

Add new label
Adding new annotation for training AI

4. intelligent PDF OCR 

Konfuzio ensures that the font size is exactly identical to the original document. On request you get access to check the OCR text online in SmartView and correct it directly in PDF/A.

5. Export archiveable PDF/A

Download the PDFs directly. CSV export is also available to get a list of all documents in the project.


Export image to PDF/A and PDF to PDF/A with OCR
intelligent storage for PDF OCR text

6. smart storage for all PDF

After uploading your files, you get access to the original version and the PDF/A including OCR text. You can search and copy the text online.