RPA and Intelligent Automation

DataSpark GmbH & Co. KG, based in Frankfurt am Main, supports companies in their digital transformation. In doing so, it...

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DataSpark GmbH & Co. KG, based in Frankfurt am Main, supports companies in their digital transformation. Among other things, DataSpark relies on the intelligent integration of RPA robots through Konfuzio. Through automation with the AI technology Konfuzio, projects can be realized with significantly more speed and thus significantly shorter time-to-solution.

DataSpark accompanies you on your AI journey and identifies the right use cases in the areas of advanced analytics and intelligent automation together with you. DataSpark successfully translates your requirements into innovative solutions and supports you in going live and operating AI applications.

An example of a transformation from practice

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Intelligent automation in administrative processes

[pma:] is a broker pool that provides its partners with information on insurance and financial products and supports the processing and administration process. Insights from data and information on current contracts are necessary for the partners to provide intelligent advice to customers. However, insurers usually provide this data in an unstructured form and only partially digitally. Automating this data in structured form is largely determined by intelligent technologies.

In addition to the intelligent use of relevant contract data from insurance statements or premium invoices, the digital capture should be made possible without significant manual effort by clerks. For this purpose, the company [pma:] commissioned the consulting firm DataSpark, which specializes in digital services and intelligent automation.

After a thorough requirements analysis and economic evaluation of the use case, DataSpark took over the design and implementation of the AI solution and integration into the business processes. In addition to the expert knowledge on the use and integration of AI-supported technologies, the technical expertise in the insurance sector is particularly necessary for this in order to be able to implement intelligent AI. Based on the existing expertise in automating business processes, DataSpark embeds AI as API services into an RPA workflow to enable the best possible flexibility in end-to-end automation from the receipt of contract data via email to the storage of data in inventory systems.

For particularly challenging document automation such as at [pma:], DataSpark relies on Konfuzio AI technology, whose core functionality is to recognize structured data without the use of rigid rules or document layouts from digital business documents.

What is the opportunity for pools, insurers and reinsurers to automate?

  1. Receipt by e-mail and automatic processing of attachments

  2. Detection of the division and extraction of the core data

  3. Transfer of the contract data to the rate calculator

  4. Pricing and sending the offer to the customer

With automation, brokers need to spend significantly less time studying insurance documents to understand their customers' situation and policies. Instead, they can invest their time in providing the best possible advice to customers by seeing all the relevant information on current contracts at a glance.

RPA, OCR and AI help agents, brokers and potential customers to save time intelligently in order to receive a counter offer. Especially for existing contracts, the information contained in them can be used to automatically calculate a comparison even with existing rate calculators and present an offer to the customer.

Konfuzio allows us and our customers to rethink document-centric business processes by combining RPA and AI and unlocking more potential from existing infrastructure.

Robert Drews, Managing Director of DataSpark GmbH & Co. KG


What is Advanced Analytics?

In an increasingly competitive market environment, it is crucial for companies to anticipate the needs of customers and business partners and stay one step ahead of the competition. To gain the insights needed for this, we use analysis methods based on machine learning and apply them to known as well as previously untapped data sources.

What is intelligent automation?

Classic RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can be implemented quickly for simple tasks. But when it comes to digital processes, such as credit decisions, the use of machine intelligence is required. Especially in large companies, it is important to intelligently integrate employees during the transformation.

What technologies does DataSpark use?

As an independent consulting and development service provider, DataSpark is happy to support you in the selection of suitable tools and technologies. Dataspark can draw on many years of experience and existing partnerships with the leading providers for data analytics, robotic process automation and AI according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Our employees are proficient in established technology from the open source sector and also have knowledge of commercial products and platforms.

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