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In ELOenterprise, information is combined in digital files. No matter whether customer, supplier or personnel files: all process-relevant documents, e-mails, files are...

In ELOenterprise, information is summarized in digital files. Regardless of whether customer, supplier or personnel files: all documents, e-mails and files relevant to the transaction are archived and assigned to the transaction. This means that the information you need is available in a flash.

Workflow management for mapping complex company-wide processes via a graphical interface is included in the standard. ELO workflows result in significant cost and time savings through digital distribution. is a company with the claim to always be one step ahead of the trend. The GmbH creates new ways and has 25 years of experience in it. The special field of GmbH are document management systems (DMS), enterprise content management and archiving. For more than 15 years, GmbH has been a business partner of the ELO Digital Office GmbH from Stuttgart.

Since 2018, GmbH has been a recommended software partner of the DATEV. enables the digital file and simplifies your accounting and the data exchange with your DATEV tax office. Thus, the solution of GmbH offers a perfect integration into DATEV.

Numerous satisfied customers and a large number of successful projects speak for the competence of GmbH in the field of ELOenterprise and ELOprofessional. All solutions are available per click from the cloud.

The recipe for success at GmbH is: original and comprehensive, fast and practical. The experts at GmbH adapt products to the needs of the customer, keeping the entire company in mind.

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Documented safety

The procedural documentation that is always required for a digital archive can be added with a simple click. A comprehensive PDF document is automatically created based on your individual data.

Further added value through the use of

  • Transaction-related presentation of your business data in the overall commercial context.
  • With the already included search function "iSearch", all document contents can be found in a flash. Thus, all related information can be presented holistically as soon as they have been archived in ELO in an audit-proof manner with
  • With 128-bit encryption, documents and archive areas can be additionally secured against unauthorized access by third parties.

The "Invoice-Basic" module can be ideally combined with other solutions such as E-POSTSCAN, ZUGFeRD invoices, EDI, Invoice Business Automation and can also be used for your outgoing invoices via Cloud Print.

What does GoBD mean for your company?

The implementation of the GoBD is often also referred to as "audit security". The regulation refers to the inalterability and auditability of tax-relevant data and documents. Essentially, it is a matter of which documents you have to archive in which form and store them for auditing.

If various general conditions are met, incoming invoices, for example, may be destroyed after scanning. helps you to meet all the necessary requirements, from the inalterability of data to the creation of procedural documentation.

In ECM projects, this always results in two major challenges:

  • How can the immutability of documents and data be sustainably ensured?
  • Who prepares the procedural documentation?

Such and similar challenges are solved for you by GmbH.

The cloud-based ELO archive

The GoBD functions provided by and the comprehensive ELOenterprise rights system for all archived documents ensure that data and documents cannot be changed. However, should a change to an already archived document become necessary, the ELOenterprise audit-proof change history ensures the necessary logging of all processing steps. A complete process chain of the ELO archiving process can thus be documented in an audit-proof manner for the tax authorities.

With the supplementary procedural documentation, the entire ELO archive is documented in accordance with the regulations of the tax authorities.

Thus, you are always on the safe side with and ELOenterprise/ELOprofessional.

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