Digital document capture automates customized solutions

IP Dynamics GmbH is an innovative IT company in the field of contact center and unified communications. Over 100 highly qualified colleagues...

The IP Dynamics GmbH is an innovative IT company in the field of contact center and unified communications. Over 100 highly qualified colleagues are spread across seven locations throughout Germany.

The specialty is the optimization and automation of business processes through customized IT solutions. Whether cloud, VoIP, chatbots or voice portals - IP Dynamics fulfills customers' every wish. The range of services extends from planning and implementation to QA and the subsequent operation of the systems.

Digital document capture enables intelligent automation

IP Dynamics uses Konfuzio for the automated capture, retrieval, location and tagging of documents. Konfuzio automatically converts digital documents from unstructured content into structured data, which can then be efficiently processed by the IP Dynamics software. This results in modern and digital solutions for accounting and document entry for companies in various industries as well as public institutions (see more references).

What is meant by a receipt?

Receipt is the generic term for invoices, receipts, cash receipts, and any other evidence that documents a business expense or income. Receipts are considered proof of a specific event in your business - for example, invoices prove the purchase or sale of goods or services.

What are the advantages of document capture?

The automation of invoices and receipts saves manual work in the accounting department, speeds up the overall process and ensures intelligent optimization of receipting. In the overall process route of intelligent and digital document capture, Konfuzio is responsible for the first steps before the IP Dynamics software implements the automation of the further steps in a highly competent manner.

After the intelligent selection of incoming documents and the automated integration of the acquired data into the company-related ERP or CRM system, the next steps are implemented by IP Dynamics. Until the incoming documents are automatically posted, several work and verification steps are implemented digitally, so that accounting staff only need to be involved in the process in the event of ambiguities and to implement a dual control principle.

What are the steps involved in digital document recognition?

  1. Receipts and documents reach the mailbox by mail

  2. Receipts and documents are intelligently read and transferred into structured information

  3. Extracted data of the documents are transferred and checked in ERP and CRM system

  4. Data is used for digital document entry and preliminary account assignment

  5. Document is posted

In this way, IP Dynamics' customers save time and money and can relieve their employees of repetitive tasks. This creates free space for innovative value drivers and more creative work. This not only ensures greater satisfaction among accounting staff, but also better use of resources and a sustainable acceleration of processes. As a result, the solution can create added value for employees, customers and the entire company.

The flexible integration of Konfuzio with our digital document management system allows us at IP Dynamics to automate numerous business processes. As a result, we offer our customers better and faster service.

Christian Stölken, Managing Director of IP Dynamics GmbH

Which documents can be automated in addition to document entry?

In addition to vouchers, can also Notifications, Delivery notes and many other documents can be read by Konfuzio's hybrid AI and smartly processed by IP Dynamics' comprehensive process knowledge. The adaptive algorithm of Konfuzio can be trained accordingly by IP Dynamics to capture different layouts and savings - so the solution can be customized to each company and comprehensively optimize business processes.

How to digitize receipts?

A good scanner is best suited for digitizing paper documents. A resolution of 300 dpi when scanning is sufficient to save the document in printable form. This ensures that the content of the document remains clearly legible even after it has been printed out on an office printer. Suitable file formats for digital storage are PDF, PNG, JPEG or TIFF. It should not be possible to change the documents after they have been saved. Therefore, formats such as doc, odt- or xls are not suitable for GoBD-compliant documents. After scanning, the scanner should save the document directly into the filing system or forward it as an e-mail.

How does automatic document recognition work in accounting software?

With the independent and automatic Document recognition you have the option of scanning incoming documents and having them automatically assigned. The scanned document is then processed by the OCR character recognition captured and automatically understood by the AI. You still provide the document with predefined keywords and convert it into a machine-readable format.

Does Konfuzio provide a document recognition API?

Yes, Konufzio offers a structured interfaceto also extend existing software to automatically recognize receipts.

With which solutions is Konfuzio compatible?

Thanks to a wide range of interfaces, Konfuzio can be easily integrated for various IT service providers and is compatible with many software solutions. The software from Konfuzio can therefore be used in a variety of ways to optimize processes in companies sustainably and intelligently.

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