Partner Program: Unleashing the Power of Partnership

Affiliate program from Konfuzio

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Harness the power of collaboration with Konfuzio's dynamic partner program. Led by industry expert Nelson Fernandes, EVP Global Partnerships and Alliances, this program brings together innovative companies like yours to revolutionize the AI-powered document management landscape.

Partner Pathfinder: Paving the way to prosperity with the Partner Program

As a Partner Pathfinder, you are the key to success. Your role is to generate leads, refer potential customers, and promote Konfuzio's innovative products and services. With a strong focus on sales and marketing, you will introduce companies to the transformative potential of AI-driven Document management Known. Measure your impact with KPIs like the number of qualified leads, licenses sold, and referral revenue generated.

Partner Orchestrator: Mastering Seamless Integration with the Partner Concept

Take center stage as a Partner Orchestrator and provide end-to-end implementation and integration services. Facilitate direct sales of Konfuzio licenses and provide world-class customer support and technical delivery. Work with reputable companies in the field Data analysis and visualization, like SAS, together to create a symphony of success. Measure your successes against KPIs such as licenses sold, customer satisfaction, successful implementations, and breakthrough OEM collaborations.

Partner Synergist: Benefit from the synergy of sales and technology

In the role of Partner Synergist, you combine sales talent and technical expertise. You will collaborate on technology integration, participate in marketing initiatives and develop remarkable solutions together. Together we measure the Success using KPIs such as licenses sold, qualified leads, customer satisfaction ratings, successful implementations, and the number of breakthrough community solutions.

Joining new partners in the partner concept: A seamless journey to success

Joining the Konfuzio affiliate program is simple and comprehensive. Sign the Partner contract and validate our shared commitment to success. Showcase your collaboration with Konfuzio in powerful partner posts highlighting your unique value and the benefits of your solutions to potential customers.

Showing expertise: Driving innovation with AI

As part of the Partner Program, you will develop sample models that demonstrate Konfuzio's AI capabilities. These models will serve as evidence of your technical proficiency and enable organizations to realize the transformative potential of AI-powered document categorization and Data extraction to experience.

Share success: Amplify the impact in Konfuzio's marketplace

Publish your developed model on Konfuzio's marketplace. Potential customers will be convinced of the model's performance and relevance and will increase the impact of your solution on a global scale.

Conclusion: Strengthen your business with the affiliate program of Konfuzio

Accompany EVP Nelson Fernandes and Konfuzio's Global Partnerships and Alliances Program on a journey of innovation and growth. Leverage synergies, redefine success, and unleash the power of partnership. Together, we will unlock limitless possibilities in the world of AI-powered document management. Take the first step and discover the future of success with the Konfuzio Partner Program.

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