Origoss Solutions Ltd and Konfuzio start partnership

Strong collaborations play a crucial role. Especially in the highly dynamic sphere of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Konfuzio and Origoss Solutions have recognized this and have entered into an impressive partnership, which we are delighted to announce.

Konfuzio is a pioneer in AI - Origoss Solutions an established expert in cloud-native technologies. Both companies combine their respective expertise to fundamentally change the market with best-in-class offerings and together provide innovative and efficient solutions for their existing and future customer base.

In this announcement, we explore Origoss Solutions' service offering and shed more light on the positive impact of this partnership.

Konfuzio and Origoss Solutions - A successful merger

Konfuzio uses advanced technologies such as Machine learning and Deep Learning, to provide automated and accurate solutions for diverse demanding business challenges. Origoss Solutions is a true Cloud Native expert with professional Cloud-based services in its repertoire. This combined expertise leads to a synergy that supports companies of all sizes on their digital transformation journey, creating customized solutions for specific needs.

Services offered by Origoss Solutions Ltd

Origoss Solutions is a provider of professional cloud services, including consulting, system integration, support and training. Because of the tremendous recognition of open source solutions, the professionals are convinced of the expansion of cloud-native technologies. They accompany transforming companies, scaling startups and professional integrators on their way to the cloud.

As a specialist for cloud native systems, the core business of Origoss Solutions is to support companies to professionally deploy and operate cloud-based solutions. This is the subjective philosophy of Cloud Native Consulting. Origoss Solutions is particularly focused on finding and migrating a solution for the individual customer. Whether it is a free solution, an on-premises solution, or a fully managed Kubernetes service from a major public cloud provider.

The technical focus is on the Cloud Native Ecosystem. This includes Kubernetes itself, the ecosystem around Kubernetes, and the most popular enterprise Kubernetes distributions and managed Kubernetes services. Origoss Solutions provides consulting, systems integration, systems support and training services in this space. Complementing at this point, Konfuzio comes into play.

Unique selling propositions for forward-looking cooperation and customer satisfaction

The benefits to our customers of combining Konfuzio and Origoss Solutions are remarkable. Konfuzio specializes in providing a robust and Scalable infrastructure for the implementation of cloud-native technologies. The software leverages the latest technologies and models to deliver innovative data management and machine learning solutions in the cloud.

Origoss Solutions Cloud
Origoss Solutions is an expert in cloud native and cloud-based services.

Origoss Solutions manages Konfuzio's deployments on Kubernetes. This allows us to confidently meet the increasing demands on the Document processing while ensuring high availability and efficient resource utilization. Similarly, our customers benefit from improved scalability and load balancing through managed deployments with Origoss Solutions on Kubernetes.

The results of the partnership are particularly valuable for companies looking to modernize, optimize and automate their operational processes. Our shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in focus makes us an optimal partner to achieve your business goals.

Bundling Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Native

To optimize operations and make the most efficient use of information, the partnership enables companies to combine advanced AI with a cloud solution. Konfuzio offers a customized and powerful answer for long-term control over data in a cloud environment. The combination of the two technologies enables enterprises to fully leverage the capabilities of the cloud, while maintaining the Regent about their information Maintain.

The success of a company is determined by the quality of its enterprise software, which depends on how effective its development process and operation are. In addition to reducing the time required to implement new functions, the scalability, security and resilience of applications must also be ensured. For this reason, digital transformation, business application modernization and the introduction of modern business applications are coming into focus.

Quote Origoss Solutions

Digital transformation requires a cloud platform that focuses on well-designed processes and wisely selected functional components as well as automation. These are the consensus views of Konfuzio and Origoss Solutions.

Thanks to expertise about AI, cloud technologies and the acceptance of the DevOps approach within a company, confidence in the benefits of this fusion and its application will increase. On this basis, companies can start to develop a cloud-native strategy and a digital transformation strategy and define the specific implementation steps required. This will significantly reduce both risks and operating costs.

With Konfuzio, a straightforward and compatible interface is provided that enables automatic scaling and detection of deviations. The combination of Konfuzio and Origoss Solutions' expertise enables companies on the path to digital transformation to reach the next level.

Conclusion and prospects

Konfuzio is pleased to welcome Origoss Solutions as a new partner. Through this partnership, we will enable our customers to Digitization and Automation to direct their resources to their core business competencies. At the same time, they benefit from the expertise of a company that specializes in providing excellent native cloud systems.

Would you like to receive more information on how our cooperation can also support your company? Or are you also interested in our Affiliate program interested? Contact the experts at Konfuzio at any time via the Contact form.

This year you can Origoss Solutions among others at KubeCon Europe 2023 in Amsterdam or at KubeCon North America 2023 in Chicago.

We and Origoss Solutions look forward to a promising exchange with you!

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