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On-Premises Automation: Secure and Controlled Automation

Maximilian Schneider

Imagine a technological fortress where your company's automation processes are protected within your own infrastructure. With On-Premise Automation by Konfuzio, you are the guardian of this fortress, ensuring that your sensitive data is safe and secure.

What is On-Premise Automation?

On-premise automation refers to the process of automating various tasks and operations within an organization using software and hardware installed on the organization's own servers or data centers. This approach provides organizations with maximum control and security over their data, but can be more challenging than cloud-based solutions in terms of cost and scalability.

Key components of on-premise automation

  • Server and hardware: The foundation for running automation software and applications.
  • Automation software: At the heart of on-premise automation, it can include specialized solutions or comprehensive business process management suites.
  • Local network infrastructure: Ensures secure communication between systems and devices involved in automation processes.
  • Database Management System: Stores and manages data for automation processes.


  1. Increased security: Maximum protection against external threats such as cyber attacks.
  2. Greater control: Flexibility to adapt the automation processes according to individual requirements.
  3. Improved compliance: Automation of compliance-related tasks and processes.
  4. Increased efficiency: Automation of routine tasks, allowing employees to focus on more complex activities.


Despite the many benefits, there are also challenges that organizations should consider, including high initial costs, the need for an IT team for management and maintenance, and potential scalability issues.

On-Premise vs. Cloud vs. Hybrid Automation

The comparison between these approaches shows that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Companies should carefully consider their individual requirements and the relationship between cost, security and flexibility.

The Future of On-Premise Automation with Konfuzio

The evolution of on-premise automation sees the integration of AI and machine learning, enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities, and a greater focus on sustainability and energy-efficient solutions.

In conclusion, On-Premise Automation with Konfuzio provides organizations with the ability to automate their data and processes with maximum control and security. If you are interested in how Konfuzio can help you with your automation needs, contact us today for a demo!

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