News and informative articles on the topics of AI, computer vision, NLP, OCR and intelligent document processing.

Data organization: Automate keywording with AI

In order to use data efficiently, companies need to organize it in a well thought-out manner and in line with their requirements. Keywording plays a particularly important role in this...

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data wrangling title

Data wrangling: The key to data optimization

Data wrangling is the method you use to unlock the value of data by cleansing, transforming and harmonizing it....

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Tumii Transformations Konfuzio Partner

Digital excellence: The partnership between Konfuzio and Tumii

Digital transformation is not just a trend, but a gateway to innovation - in short: a necessity for companies. In...

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AI promotes the usability of implicit knowledge

AI and tacit knowledge - guest article in Digital Business Cloud

Since the 1990s, the management of intellectual capital in companies has been a theoretically sound and well-researched concept. The...

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Machine Learning Solution

Machine Learning Solution from Konfuzio

Turn your data into smart decisions with Konfuzio's Machine Learning Solution. Our AI-driven algorithms analyze data, recognize patterns and...

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Email Automation: Organize Mailboxes efficiently with AI

Every day, companies receive a flood of emails that they have to classify, sort, evaluate and respond to. If done manually, this is only...

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Marketing Automation: Guide with Examples and Use of AI

From email to social media to landing pages - in marketing, companies collect large amounts of data that they need to analyze efficiently...

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Automation Service Konfuzio

Automation Service from Konfuzio

Automate your business processes with Konfuzio's Automation Service. From simple tasks to complex workflows: Our service helps you to...

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legal tech title

Legal tech: Successful digitalization of the legal system 

The advent of legal tech and the use of workflow automation by n8n are significantly changing the way law firms work. In this...

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Automate Metrics Konfuzio

Automation of test methods: Automate Metrics with Konfuzio

The demand for efficient testing methods is more important than ever as organizations strive to deliver high quality software faster than ever before.

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anonymization of data title

Anonymization of data: Protecting information, strengthening trust

The anonymization of data is at the heart of data protection, because with the ever-increasing amount of personal information that is being...

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Hyperparameter Tuning for Machine Learning Model Optimization

Hyperparameter tuning - a question of settings

Even though machine learning enables automated decisions, there are certain properties of the models that they cannot optimize independently. Exactly...

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