Posts about AI, Computer Vision, NLP, OCR and Intelligent Document Processing.

Optimize document management with OCR Validation

Identity and document verification is a time-consuming task for companies in all industries. Due to the long processing and handling times, it comes...

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Digitize documents in easy steps | Konfuzio

At a time when information overload is the rule rather than the exception, it is becoming increasingly important to manage the working time of your...

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Data extraction from PDF to Excel

In your everyday work, do you regularly need to extract data from PDF files and export it to Excel? Depending on how many PDF files you...

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PYPDF2 - Python Guide to PDF Manipulation | Konfuzio

Are you tired of editing PDF files manually? Do you want to learn how to edit PDFs with Python? Then this is...

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Use human-in-the-loop automation

Artificial intelligence is successfully used to automate business processes, such as data extraction when applying an IDP software...

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