News and informative articles on the topics of AI, computer vision, NLP, OCR and intelligent document processing.

Konfuzio Marketplace AI AI Marketplace AI

Konfuzio Marketplace - AI solutions developed by experts for you

The development and training of AI solutions regularly present organizations with major challenges. The commercially viable use of artificial intelligence...

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chat with documents document-chat

How to chat securely and directly with your documents

Imagine being able to chat securely and quickly with documents without even having to open another Google tab in your...

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Extractions from AI models

New Konfuzio feature compares AI results

When analyzing documents, it is important to work precisely and efficiently. Konfuzio supports you in this by providing valuable insights into...

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Federated Learning for Model Optimization

Federated learning - shared performance despite separate data

The accuracy of machine learning stands and falls with the data used. For their successful use, the following generally applies:...

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ai in companies

Growth through contradictions - guest article for it-daily

It is not uncommon for different employees to produce different results from the same process. In this way, human subjectivity sometimes obscures the fact that...

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Financial Statement Analysis Financial Statement Analysis

Automate financial statement analysis with AI

A look at the world of finance reveals that the precise and effective handling of financial data is essential for the successful management of a...

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Search function Billing Settings Release Konfuzio

Konfuzio introduces flexible billing and smart labeling

Konfuzio makes document management easier and more efficient. Our latest features improve labeling, offer flexible billing options and make it easier to keep track of...

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data mapping title

Focus on data mapping: optimizing your data landscape

Data mapping enables the effective organization and use of information - which is crucial to a company's success. Data mapping is...

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Developer Enablement Konfuzio

Developer enablement with Konfuzio

Empower your developers with Konfuzio's Developer Enablement Tools. We provide advanced development resources, continuous learning opportunities and a supportive environment to help you...

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Data organization: Automate keywording with AI

In order to use data efficiently, companies need to organize it in a well thought-out manner and in line with their requirements. Keywording plays a particularly important role in this...

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data wrangling title

Data wrangling: The key to data optimization

Data wrangling is the method you use to unlock the value of data by cleansing, transforming and harmonizing it....

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Tumii Transformations Konfuzio Partner

Digital excellence: The partnership between Konfuzio and Tumii

Digital transformation is not just a trend, but a gateway to innovation - in short: a necessity for companies. In...

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AI promotes the usability of implicit knowledge

AI and tacit knowledge - guest article in Digital Business Cloud

Since the 1990s, the management of intellectual capital in companies has been a theoretically sound and well-researched concept. The...

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