Native AI increasingly replaces naïve AI - specialist applications instead of playgrounds

The dawn of the digital age has begun. With it, artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to the fore, so intuitively and seamlessly embedded into our systems that it can almost be described as 'native'. This native integration of AI is beginning to reshape core structures in sectors such as insurance, banking, the public sector and industry.

Native AI and the "Human in the Loop"

To fully understand the term native AI, one must understand the concept of "Human in the Loop". This technology allows humans to interact directly with artificial intelligence systems, providing continuous feedback that the systems use to improve their performance. So when an AI is "natively" integrated into a system, it means that it is not only organically embedded into the system, but also constantly refined and adapted through human interaction. It is this connection - the seamless integration of human and machine - that makes an AI truly native.

Insurance - The intuitive network

In a Insurance companies, where contracts and claims are processed by native AI, this AI does not act in isolation. It is constantly monitored and optimized by experts in the field, resulting in a system that is both data-driven and human-centric.

Banking - More than just numbers

At Banks native AI enables a deeper understanding of financial transactions and customer behavior. But behind every algorithm is a team of experts who ensure that the technology meets human needs.

Public sector - An empathetic bureaucrat

For the public sector native AI could mean that administrative processes become faster and more efficient. But again, it is the civil servants who are constantly interacting with the AI, training it and ensuring that it acts in the best interests of citizens.

Industry - A rhythm that feels deep

In the Industry production lines could be revolutionized by native AI that detects the smallest changes in production rhythm. And again, it's the engineers and technicians working in the background to monitor and adjust AI in real time.


The era of native AI, which is deeply embedded in our business processes embedded and constantly refined by human expertise, has begun. In this new world, it is not a question of whether companies use AI, but how they use it - and to what extent humans and machines work together in harmony.

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