Lobster_data, Lobster DATA GmbH and other AI modules

Data is the backbone of the digital transformation and their effective use is the key to the success of any company. The challenge is to efficiently integrate the different data formats and sources and thus utilize the full potential of these resources. This is where Lobster_data comes in: a holistic, scalable data integration solution that can turn your data into a real competitive advantage.

What is Lobster_data?

Lobster_data is a software solution for data and system integration. It was developed to link data from different sources - internal and external - quickly and easily. With Lobster_data as a central data hub for connecting your business partners, you are able to link data simply, securely and easily. Automated to exchange information, use it centrally and turn it into a real competitive advantage.

The advantages

The strengths of Lobster_data lie in its user-friendliness, comprehensive compatibility and efficient functionality. The software enables seamless integration of data from various sources and formats, including internal systems such as EAI/ETL, external systems such as EDI, cloud-based solutions and even IoT devices and machines in the context of Industry 4.0. It doesn't matter whether the data is to be exchanged via AS2, X.400, (S)FTP or email.

Lobster_data goes beyond mere data integration. With functions such as automatic format recognition, central monitoring and real-time data transfer, its use enables a high level of data transparency and promotes data-driven decision-making processes. The software solution can be provided on-premise in the cloud or as SaaS and offers state-of-the-art security in a German cloud.

Symbiosis with Konfuzio

Lobster_data symbiosis Konfuzio

Lobster_data works seamlessly with AI solutions such as Konfuzio.

Intelligent integration with artificial intelligence

Konfuzio is an advanced AI toolwhich specializes in analyzing and interpreting unstructured data that is normally difficult to handle. By integrating Konfuzio, Lobster_data can use AI-driven analytics to identify patterns in unstructured data and turn that data into actionable insights. This expands the range of data that can be effectively managed and utilized by Lobster_data and increases the speed and accuracy of data analysis.

Lobster_data and Artificial Intelligence

The combination of Lobster_data and AI technologies such as Konfuzio takes data integration to the next level. By using AI, Lobster_data recognizes and automates complex data patterns that would be difficult to identify manually. This enables deeper, more detailed data analysis and promotes data-driven decision-making processes. In addition, thanks to AI integration, Lobster_data can continuously learn and adapt to changing data structures and requirements, increasing the long-term efficiency and effectiveness of data integration.

AI-driven data integration

The integration of AI technologies such as Konfuzio into Lobster_data enables companies to exploit the full potential of their data. The combination of Lobster_data's powerful data integration functions with the AI-controlled Konfuzio's analytics capabilities enable organizations to take data-driven business decisions to a whole new level. This combination gives organizations the ability to efficiently leverage unstructured data, gain deep insights and make data-driven business decisions with unprecedented accuracy.

Data connectivity as a competitive advantage

In the digital age Software not only optimize operational and business processes, but also be user-friendly and intuitive. This is exactly what Lobster_data offers. The software enables completely system-independent data integration with all formats, systems and applications. Real-time data transfer, data analysis and intelligent Algorithms enable optimal data exchange and holistic process and data management.

Integrating data from different sources and formats is crucial for companies in the digital economy. With Lobster_data, you can master this challenge and gain a competitive advantage. But who is behind the software and what do users say about their experiences with it?

Lobster Group

The Lobster Group is divided into three companies, all of which are based in Germany:

  1. Lobster DATA GmbH
  2. Lobster PRO GmbH
  3. Lobster PIM GmbH

With their products Lobster_data, Lobster_pro and Lobster_pim, they attach great importance to providing their customers with the best possible tools to optimize the flow of data and make well-founded, data-driven business decisions.

Lobster DATA GmbH is a software company that specializes in providing advanced, user-friendly solutions for data integration and data management. The fact that Lobster_data was developed by a company that has been active in the market for over 20 years is a further argument for the reliability and effectiveness of this software.

Experience with Lobster_data

User experience has been consistently positive. Users emphasize that Lobster_data is not only a powerful and effective solution for data integration, but also extremely user-friendly and easy to use. They appreciate the ability to easily and quickly integrate data from different sources and in different formats, and praise the flexibility and customizability of the software. In addition, users emphasize the strong support and the excellent Customer service out.

Another frequently mentioned feature is the ability to automate business processes and thus increase efficiency. Many users report that, thanks to Lobster_data, they are able to optimize their workflows and use their data more effectively.


In summary, Lobster_data is a high-quality data integration solution developed by a trusted and experienced company. The positive user experience demonstrates the power and ease of use of the software and confirms its value as a tool for maximizing the efficiency and potential of company data. With Lobster_data, you can unlock the full potential of your data and strengthen your competitive advantage.

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