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Legal tech: Successful digitalization of the legal system 

Janina Horn

The entry of Legal Tech and the use of workflow automation by n8n are significantly changing the way law firms work. 

In this blog article, you will learn how the combination of legal tech and n8n works and how together they pave the way for more efficient, precise and modern legal processes. 

From automated contract reviews to the seamless integration of legal analytics, this development promises not only to transform the way law firms work, but also to provide a pioneering vision for the future of legal services.

Legal Tech - Definition

legal tech definition

Digitization in the legal sector, also known as Legal Tech The term "legal automation" refers to the targeted use of technology, particularly software and automation, to make legal services in law firms and companies in Germany and other countries more efficient and innovative. These technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain or workflow automation, play a decisive role in the transformation of the legal system.

The applications of legal tech are diverse and include contract management, document analysis, electronic file management and more. By integrating legal tech, law firms, companies and legal departments in Germany can gain a competitive advantage. However, data protection and ethical issues are significant challenges when implementing legal tech in Germany.

Collaboration between lawyers and technology experts is becoming increasingly important in order to fully exploit the potential of legal tech. In Germany, the digitization of the legal industry by Wolters Kluwer and other leading companies is having a decisive impact on the legal landscape. New articles and resources online are helping to ensure that legal tech continues to gain traction in Germany.

Components of legal tech in Germany include

  • Document automation
  • Efficient contract management
  • Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Online legal services
  • E-Discovery
  • Legal Research Tools
  • Cybersecurity and data protection
  • Blockchain technology

These technologies are crucial for improving transparency and security in legal processes and making the legal sector in Germany more technologically advanced.

The wide range of applications, from the automation of routine activities to the support of complex legal analyses, demonstrates the potential of legal tech to make the legal sector in Germany more efficient, accessible and technologically advanced.

Legal tech aims to facilitate access to the law and fundamentally transform efficiency and accuracy.

legal tech n8n

Overview of n8n

n8n, pronounced as "nodenation", is an open source platform for the automation of workflows. 

It allows users to create complex workflows by connecting different "nodes" together. Each node represents a specific action or service, such as sending emails, retrieving data from a database or interacting with APIs. 

n8n is user-friendly and does not require in-depth programming knowledge. It supports a wide range of integrations, from popular web services to custom applications. 

The platform is suitable for automating tasks in various contexts, including business processes, data management and development workflows. n8n promotes efficiency and automation of routine tasks by providing a visual and intuitive interface for creating workflow automations.

legal tech integration

Integration of n8n in legal tech

The integration of n8n for workflow automation makes the use of legal tech more efficient, simpler and optimizes the application possibilities. Below are some concrete examples of how this is possible:

1. Workflow automation in contract management

n8n enables the automation of contract management tasks in the context of legal tech. Through the integration of various Nodes create workflows that automate the creation of contracts, monitoring of deadlines and notifications. This increases efficiency and minimizes errors.

2. Document automation

By connecting n8n with word processing applications, you can create automated processes for the creation and revision of legal documents. This saves time and ensures the consistency of the documents created.

3. Integration of research tools

n8n can be integrated into legal tech applications to perform automated searches. This includes connecting with legal research tools to automatically identify relevant legal texts, precedents or regulatory changes.

4. Notifications and deadline management

n8n enables the automatic monitoring of deadlines and the notification of relevant parties. This helps to keep an eye on time-critical legal tasks and minimize potential risks.

5. Integration of e-discovery processes

In electronic discovery, you use n8n workflows to automate the process of analyzing data. This makes it easier to identify relevant information in large data sets, which is particularly important in legal disputes.

6. Communication and cooperation

By integrating n8n into communication tools, you are able to create automated communication processes between lawyers, clients and other parties. This promotes collaboration and facilitates the exchange of information.

The integration of n8n into Legal Tech enables customized automation of workflows, leading to increased efficiency and improved process control in the legal environment.

Advantages and disadvantages of legal tech and n8n

The use of legal tech and n8n brings many benefits to law firms and legal departments:

AspectLegal Techn8n Workflow automation
Efficiency increaseAutomation of tasks, accelerated processes.Streamlining work processes through automated workflows.
Cost savingsReduction of manual working hours and errors.Less workload, less resource consumption.
Improved access to justicePlatforms for online legal services increase access.Faster and more accurate legal analyses, accessible automation.
Data securityAdvanced security mechanisms and encryption.Depending on the secure configuration and data storage.

However, in order to be able to deal with the challenges adequately, you should also be aware of the disadvantages.

AspectLegal Techn8n Workflow automation
Privacy concernsPotential risks when handling sensitive legal data.Need for strict security measures to minimize risk.
Initial costsHigh initial investment in software and training.Depending on individual requirements and learning curves.
Adaptation difficultiesResistance to technological change.Possible resistance to new automated processes.
Ethics and trustConcerns about ethical standards and trustworthiness.Requires clear ethical guidelines and transparency in application.
green box with law book and judge's gavel as symbol

Everything about the Legal Tech Act

The Legal Tech Lawofficially known as the "Promoting Consumer-Friendly Offerings in the Legal Services Market Act", marks a significant move by the government to regulate and promote legal tech. 

The aim of these legal changes is to create a more level playing field between traditional law firms and legal tech providers. In force since October 1, 2021, the law has far-reaching implications for various areas, in particular debt collection activities and contingency fees.

One key change concerns the Success feewhich, with a few exceptions, was previously prohibited for lawyers. Legal tech companies, on the other hand, often offer contingency fees as standard practice. 

The Legal Tech Act now paves the way for lawyers to agree contingency fees within a certain framework. In particular, lawyers may introduce contingency fees for the assertion of attachable monetary claims of up to €2,000. In addition, the law opens up the possibility for lawyers to offer litigation financing for their clients if a contingency fee is agreed.

The introduction of these legal changes demonstrates the government's efforts to shape the legal framework for the use of technology in the legal sector. 

By adapting regulations regarding contingency fees, the Legal Tech Act creates a more flexible environment for lawyers and legal tech providers, which in turn can improve efficiency and access to legal services for consumers. 

It remains to be seen how these changes will influence the dynamic between traditional legal practices and innovative legal tech solutions.

green box with konfuzio logo

Trend-setting document processing with Konfuzio, Legal Tech and n8n

Konfuzio is a Intelligent document automation platformthat can be realized through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) unstructured data into usable knowledge. 

The platform enables the Processing of documents in various formats, such as PDF, image, Word, PowerPoint and Exceland is used for a variety of business processes. 

Konfuzio is characterized by adaptive AI, hybrid multicloud infrastructure and data sovereignty.

The following example shows what the integration of Konfuzio into the processes of Legal Tech and n8n can look like in practice:

Use case - Automated contract review in the law firm


Law firms are often faced with the challenge of manually checking contracts, which is time-consuming and prone to error. Identifying and extracting relevant information from contracts is a tedious task.

Solution with Konfuzio, Legal Tech and n8n:

The combination of Konfuzio, Legal Tech and n8n enables automated contract review. Konfuzio handles the extraction of relevant information from the contracts, Legal Tech takes care of the legal analysis and n8n orchestrates the workflow.


  1. A new contract is uploaded to the system.
  2. Konfuzio automatically reads the contract data, extracts clauses, party information and relevant details.
  3. The extracted data is transmitted to n8n.
  4. N8N launches a workflow that performs legal analysis through legal tech.
  5. The result of the analysis is sent back to Konfuzio.
  6. Konfuzio categorizes the contract based on the legal analysis and prepares a report for the lawyers.

Further possible applications with Konfuzio:

In addition to contract processing, you also have other options for using Konfuzio to optimize your document management:

  • Automated processing of invoices and receipts
  • Categorization and extraction of information from emails with attachments
  • Preparation of documents for document management and archiving systems
  • API & SDK development for individual document workflows
  • Automatic extraction of data from different document types

The combination of Konfuzio, Legal Tech and n8n offers an efficient and error-free way to automate complex legal processes and increase productivity in law firms.

Further use cases - How to use legal tech and N8N in practice

Use case - online legal advice for consumers


Consumers often need quick access to legal information or advice without immediately consulting a lawyer. Traditional legal advice services can be costly and time consuming.


Legal Tech offers user-friendly online legal advice, supported by n8n for automation. The chatbot clarifies basic legal questions, while n8n processes complex queries and forwards them to a lawyer if necessary.


A consumer asks a question about their rights in rental disputes. The n8n workflow identifies the specific query, pulls relevant information from the knowledge base and provides the consumer with a clear answer. For more complex questions, the workflow puts the consumer in touch with a lawyer.

Use case - Automated process management for debt collection


Debt collection processes often require fast and efficient processing of payment arrears. However, traditional methods are time-consuming and can contain errors.


By integrating n8n into Legal Tech, you create an automated debt collection process. The workflow automatically identifies payment arrears, sends payment reminders and initiates legal action if necessary.


When an outstanding invoice is due, n8n automatically generates and sends a payment reminder. If payments are still outstanding, the workflow initiates legal steps such as initiating a dunning procedure or contacting a debt collection agency.

These use cases show how the combination of n8n and legal tech solves real problems in various areas of the legal system.

Conclusion - legal tech and n8n in synergy

The collaboration between Legal Tech and n8n demonstrates the diverse development opportunities for the legal sector. 

The automation provided by n8n enables the seamless integration of legal tech solutions, allowing law firms to benefit from more efficient workflows and increased productivity. 

The collaboration of these technologies not only optimizes faster and more error-free contract review and legal analysis, but also opens up a wide range of possible applications in document processing. 

Legal tech and n8n mark a way in which legal services can be made smarter, more accessible and more effective.

Want to take your legal management to the next level? Contact us now for tailored advice on legal tech, n8n and how Konfuzio can help you work more efficiently and accurately. 

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