Writing texts with AI - possibilities, limits and tools

Many companies hire freelancers to take care of blog content, social media or landing pages. But even these use artificial intelligence (AI)to work more efficiently or to avoid writer's block. Writing texts with AI is therefore common across industries.

To what extent can chatbots and text generators like ChatGPT or Jasper replace humans when writing texts? This article shows possibilities and limitations when writing texts with AI. In addition, artificial intelligence in text generation offers a decisive competitive advantage if you have AI programmed specifically for your company.

How well can an AI write texts?

Intelligent text generation

There are AI models like GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3)that are able to generate human-like text. This chatbot composes entire paragraphs or complete texts in seconds.

Using the input command "Write an introduction to a blog article about writing texts with AI" ChatGPT could have written the introduction to this article. This is what the result would look like:

KI Writing texts

The tool can also be used to summarize texts and make them more exciting or funny. Here is a summary of the above example:

Ki writing texts

Writing texts with AI for content ideas and optimization

Some AI applications can help generate ideas for content. For example, they analyze existing content to identify trends and relevant topics. In addition, they can help optimize texts for search engines to achieve better visibility in search results.

Suppose you work for a Insurance companies and want to write a blog article for the keyword "smoke detector duty": ChatGPT helps you with SEO optimization with certain input commands.


Ki texts writing insurance company example

Auto-correction and spell check

Many word processors and text editors use AI to detect and automatically correct spelling errors. They can also offer suggestions for alternative words or phrases.

Speech recognition

Speech recognition software, as used in virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, uses AI to convert spoken language into text. This can be useful when dictating text or transcribing voice recordings.

What can't an AI do?

Creativity, originality and emotions

AI texts can be grammatically correct and well-structured, but they often lack creativity and originality. AI models are based on existing data and patterns and can struggle to generate something completely new or unique.

In addition, it is difficult for AI to adequately capture human nuances, emotions, or empathy in texts. This can be especially true for certain types of texts such as creative writing, marketing content, or texts with a personal touch.

Content deficiencies, misinformation and human ethics

AI texts can sometimes be of low quality. Although AI models trains are used to generate texts, they can still provide inaccurate or erroneous information. Human editors must therefore always check the quality of the content to ensure that it meets the desired standards. For example, (as of June 2023) all ChatGPT knowledge is limited to records through 2021. Therefore, there is a risk that the content is not up to date.

In addition, ethical concerns may arise when using AI texts. Companies should be careful not to spread misinformation. Especially when it comes to sensitive topics such as diversity or racism, the human factor is needed. AI models are trained with data generated by humans and therefore may reflect society's inherent biases and discrimination. When companies use such models to generate text, they can reinforce biases and discrimination in the texts they create.

Copyright infringement and plagiarism

Use of AI texts may result in copyright infringement, especially if texts are used without proper attribution or permission. AI may create texts that resemble human texts, increasing the risk of plagiarism.

3 Top AI Text Generators 2023

Before ChatGPT AI has revolutionized text writing, there were already some generators on the market. In the paid version, these offer, for example, templates for different text types or chatbots with more functionality. The bots are based on the language models of ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.


This text generator is one of the best known and oldest. Jasper is flexible and offers over 50 templates for different text types and tasks. It can generate not only blog articles, but also introductions, product descriptions, meta descriptions, texts for ads and headlines, summarize, improve or rewrite texts.

The generator provides good German text quality, although it does not handle German natively and uses DeepL for translation. Jasper is good for brainstorming, article planning, and first draft articles.


  • High text quality
  • Fast text generation
  • Large library of high-quality templates
  • clearly arranged, controllable with shortcuts
  • Integration for the content editor of Surfer SEO
  • Settings for different writing voices (Tone of Voice)
  • Comprehensive documentation and YouTube channel
  • Switchable between "Siezen" and "Duzen" in German
  • Regular further development (e.g. new functions and templates)
  • AI image generator "Jasper Art" available at extra cost
  • Chat AI "Jasper Chat" as a good alternative to ChatGPT (Google search results include Jasper in its responses).


  • Comparatively more expensive than other AI text generators
  • no Unlimited tariff
  • User interface and support in English only


Neuroflash is priced a bit lower and is well suited for generating AI texts, especially when a larger amount is needed. A big advantage of Neuroflash is the extensive selection of templates, which are suitable for over 80 different text types and application purposes. Neuroflash's AI Texter allows writing and formatting long texts.

An outstanding feature of Neuroflash is that it natively handles the German language, which is noticeable in the text quality. It also offers unique templates for the German language, such as rewriting Du to Sie, dialect rewrites, and gendering or non-gendering (in the beta version). However, these special templates do not yet provide good results and have limitations in terms of character count.

Neuroflash is especially good for those with a limited budget, as it offers a free plan with 2,000 words. It also has an Unlimited plan for €199, which only allows about 200,000 words per month. Nevertheless, Jasper is advised in most cases, since the German text quality of the market leader is usually better and it generates texts faster.


  • Free rate with 2000 words per month
  • Native support of the German language (no translation)
  • Good German text quality
  • Good and fast blog article wizard
  • Can speak dialects (e.g. Bavarian)
  • Wide range of templates
  • Templates for the German language (e.g. gendering or rewriting from Du to Sie)
  • Keyword research possible with Seobility for SEO optimization
  • User interface and support in German
  • Image AI
  • Chatbot integrated, which works similar to ChatGTP and is optimized for the German language


  • slower text generation and template execution than Jasper
  • German text quality slightly worse than Jasper
  • Editor does not offer so many formatting options
  • only 8 languages available


Writesonic is an AI text tool that is considered one of the best alternatives to Jasper. It features a modern user interface and the Sonic Editor, which is a good long-form editor. However, Sonic Editor lacks the feature of creating AI texts based on commands (prompts), as Jasper does. Writesonic instead offers impressive templates like AI Article Writer 4.0, which allows you to generate blog articles in just three steps. The quality of the output is acceptable and forms a solid basis for an article, but often requires post-processing.

An interesting feature of Writesonic is Chatsonic, an AI chatbot and a good alternative to ChatGPT. Chatsonic can even answer questions about current events, while ChatGPT points out that the World Cup is still in the future. Writesonic also offers integration to Surfer SEO, which works similarly to Jasper.

Writesonic's German text quality is good, but not on the level of Neuroflash or Jasper. There is one drawback, however, as Writesonic does not offer the option to switch between addressing "Du" and "Sie". This setting cannot be changed via the tone-of-voice editor either.

Writesonic is well-suited for those on a budget, as it offers a generous free plan of 2,500 words per month. Compared to other AI text generators, Writesonic offers extensive features in the free plan, including all templates, text generation in different languages, Sonic Editor, browser extension and Chatsonic.

If you want to create mainly English texts, Writesonic is a good alternative to Jasper, as it offers similar text quality and ease of use.


  • Free rate with 2,000 words per month
  • AI Image Generator
  • modern user interface
  • Integration for Surfer SEO
  • Wide range of templates
  • Favorable entry-level tariff
  • Selection of text quality possible
  • Export to WordPress with one click
  • API integration
  • Browser extension
  • AI chatbot that can retrieve current Google data (good alternative to ChatGPT, which was only fed with data until 2021).


  • German text quality slightly worse than Jasper and Neuroflash
  • No changeover between form of address and form of address possible
  • Support in English only

Competitive advantage - have AI programmed to order

Konfuzio offers the possibility to create a customized AI To have programmed. This is a key competitive advantage for companies as this AI is not shared with other customers. Here are some advantages:

  • Efficiency and time savings: Custom-programmed AI can help companies create texts faster and more efficiently. The AI can take over repetitive tasks, such as writing product descriptions, blog articles or social media posts. This saves companies valuable time and allows them to use their resources more effectively.
  • Consistency and quality: Customized AI can help companies create texts with high consistency and quality. The AI can take stylistic specifications and brand guidelines into account and ensure that the texts produced meet the desired standards. This ensures consistent brand communication and can strengthen the company's image.
  • Scalability: With a specially programmed AI, companies can scale their text creation. The AI can generate large volumes of text in a very short time without the need for additional resources or staff. This is especially beneficial when companies regularly need large amounts of content for their websites, blogs, or marketing campaigns.
  • Personalization and customer targeting: Custom-programmed AI can help companies create personalized content for their customers. By analyzing customer data and behavior, AI can generate personalized recommendations and tailored texts that improve customer engagement and strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Linguistic diversity: Specially tailored AI can help companies communicate in different languages and address their target audiences worldwide. AI can generate texts in different languages, taking into account linguistic nuances and cultural differences. This enables companies to expand their reach and tap into new markets.

By custom programming an AI for copywriting, companies can increase their efficiency, ensure the quality and consistency of their texts, create personalized content, and expand their reach. This gives them a competitive advantage, as they are able to produce high-quality texts efficiently and scalably, and target their customers in a personalized way.

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI model based on OpenAI's GPT 3.5 architecture. GPT stands for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer." It is a high-performance language model trained to generate human-like text and respond to natural language. ChatGPT is specifically designed for use in chat-based applications and can respond to a wide range of questions and queries. It can provide information, give advice and compose text.

What are the risks of AI text generators?

AI text generators like ChatGPT carry risks such as misinformation, bias, abuse, loss of privacy, and dependency. It's important to acknowledge these risks and take steps to minimize them. This includes transparent training, high-quality data, text verification, and clear policies.

What are advantages of AI text generators?

AI text generators enable efficient creation of large amounts of text and can deliver personalized content. In addition, they can communicate in different languages and styles, which increases their global applicability. AI text generators are also capable of generating creative and innovative texts and can support decision-making by providing relevant information. However, it is important to provide clear guidelines, human review, and proper oversight to ensure that the generated texts are of high quality and reliable.

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