87 AI Companies - Update 2023

We are in a golden age of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, an era in which advanced algorithms and novel technologies are fundamentally changing the face of numerous industries. Whether it's natural language processing, speech synthesis, image recognition, or automated reporting, the range of AI applications is broad and growing. At Tucan.ai, we're proud to be part of this exciting movement, and we're always looking to keep up with the latest trends and advancements in AI. In this blog post, we feature a variety of AI companies that specialize in different use cases and segments. From startups pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI to established companies offering proven solutions, we hope this overview gives you a deeper understanding of the dynamic and diverse AI company ecosystem

The AI industry is constantly on the move and expanding its boundaries every day. This list is a start, but far from exhaustive. If you know of other companies that should be mentioned in this blog post, or if you would like to add your own AI company to the list, please contact our team at Konfuzio. We look forward to hearing from you and providing our readers with an even more complete picture of the AI landscape.

Speech & Audio

  1. Krisp: An AI-powered noise reduction tool for clearer online communication.
  2. AssemblyAl: Works in the field of AI, exact services are not clear.
  3. SecondNature: Provides an AI coaching platform for sales and customer service teams.
  4. WELLSAID: An AI tool that creates realistic synthetic voices for use in various media.
  5. Speak: Works in the field of AI, exact details are unclear.
  6. Dialpad: A cloud communication platform for businesses.
  7. ASAPP: An AI research-driven company that aims to improve customer experience and agent performance.

Text, Chat & Translation

  1. NLX: Provides solutions for conversational AI.
  2. QLandbot: A chatbot construction kit for marketing, sales and support.
  3. Copy.ai: An AI-driven text creation wizard.
  4. Certainly: Provides AI-driven chat solutions.
  5. Mavenoid: An AI-driven troubleshooting assistant.
  6. Ultimate.ai: AI customer service automation platform.
  7. Writer: An AI writing assistant for teams.
  8. ABBYYABBYY is a global company that provides document capture, OCR and text analysis solutions.
  9. Amazon TextractAmazon Textract is a service that extracts text and data from scanned documents. Amazon Textract goes beyond simple optical character recognition (OCR) to identify the contents of fields in forms and information in tables.
  10. Ephesoft: Kofax offers a range of business process automation software solutions, including OCR for document processing.
  11. Google Cloud Vision: Google Cloud Vision enables developers to integrate image analytics into their applications. The API can recognize objects and faces in images, read text in images, and assign values to aspects of the image such as colors or emotional aspects.
  12. DeepL: An AI-driven translation service.
  13. Tucan.ai: Tucan.ai is a platform that generates automated, content-rich reports based on data. It uses AI to analyze data and report in natural language, reducing the need to manually interpret and report data.
  14. Kasisto: Provides conversational AI for the financial industry.
  15. Jasper: AI Writing Wizard.


  1. VEED.IO: A simple but powerful online video editor.
  2. Invideo: An online video creation tool.
  3. Synthesia: Creates AI-driven synthetic media.
  4. D-ID: A company focused on AI-based anonymization of images and videos.
  5. GLOSSAi: Works in the field of AI, exact details are unclear.
  6. Waymark: An online video editor.

Image, Visual & Design

  1. Imagen: AI focus, exact details are unclear.
  2. PhotoRoom: Allows users to remove or edit photo backgrounds.
  3. PRISMA: Known for its photo editing app that uses AI filters.
  4. Art Blocks: A platform that hosts programmable art projects.
  5. Facet: An AI-driven photo editing tool.
  6. Wizard: AI focus, exact details are unclear.
  7. Lightricks: developer of content creation tools, including the Facetune and Enlight apps.

Data Science & Machine Learning (MLOps)

  1. DataRobot: An automated machine learning platform that supports data scientists and business analysts.
  2. H2O.ai: Provides an open platform for machine learning and AI that helps companies develop data-driven solutions.
  3. Pinecone: Pinecone is a vector database for machine learning. mosaic: Mosaic is a machine learning model management platform that simplifies the ML lifecycle.
  4. aporia: Aporia provides a platform for monitoring machine learning models in production.
  5. Hugging Face: Hugging Face provides NLP models and datasets that simplify the development of speech processing applications.
  6. SaturnCloud: Saturn Cloud provides a platform that accelerates Python analytics and machine learning with parallel computing power.
  7. Diveplane: Diveplane is an AI tech company that develops and maintains understandable and transparent AI systems.

AI in productivity & collaboration

  1. Prodigal: Prodigal offers AI solutions for collection agencies.
  2. SPIRITT: Spirit AI develops tools for creating and managing digital interactions in games and virtual spaces.
  3. ask-ai: Ask.ai offers an AI assistant for enterprise environments.
  4. Air: Air is a visual workspace for organizing and managing digital content.
  5. Search and recommendation systems
  6. Elastic: Developer of the Elasticsearch platform, a scalable open source search engine.
  7. Klevu: An AI-driven, self-learning search and navigation system for e-commerce.
  8. nucliaNuclia offers a natural language search engine for databases. Metaphor : Metaphor is an AI-driven search engine for digital content.
  9. DASHWORKS: Dashworks is a search platform that helps organizations find and manage their data.
  10. Infrastructure and platforms
  11. Microsoft Azure: Offers a range of cloud services, including AI and machine learning.
  12. IBM Watson: An enterprise AI platform that enables machine learning and data analytics.
  13. chooch: Chooch AI is a visual AI platform that provides AI training and deployment in various sectors.

Generative AI companies

  1. OpenAI: OpenAI, known for its GPT-3 model, is a leading player in generative AI. They focus on developing AI capable of generating human-like text.
  2. Hugging Face: Hugging Face is another company focused on developing models for natural language processing. They offer a set of prepared models and datasets for generative tasks.
  3. Art Blocks: Art Blocks is a unique company that specializes in using generative AI to create art. They provide a platform for artists to create and sell programmable artwork.
  4. DeepArt: DeepArt uses generative AI to create unique artwork. Users can upload a photo and the AI will transform it into the style of a famous painter.
  5. Runway ML: Runway ML provides a platform for artists, designers and developers to integrate generative AI into their projects. They provide a user-friendly interface for working with modern AI technologies.

AI company for production

  1. Sight Machine: Sight Machine provides an AI platform for improving production processes. Its system uses real-time data to monitor and optimize production.
  2. Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software): Blue Yonder provides AI and machine learning solutions used in manufacturing environments for planning, supply chain management and forecasting.
  3. Uptake: Uptake provides AI-driven predictive analytics solutions that are used in various industries including manufacturing.
  4. Falkonry: Falkonry provides machine learning and predictive analytics for industrial applications. Their solutions improve production efficiency and maintenance in various industries.

Health & Life Sciences

  1. AI Wheel Companion Chest CT: Uses AI for medical imaging and diagnostics.
  2. Atomwise: Leverages AI for drug discovery and research.
  3. FinTech
  4. Fico: A tool that uses AI to assess credit risk and score customers.
  5. Kabbage: Provides automated business loans and uses AI for risk assessment.


  1. Trifacta: Trifacta provides a data cleansing and preparation platform that aims to automate and accelerate the process of data transformation.
  2. Tamr: Tamr is a data mastering company that uses AI and machine learning to clean and organize large volumes of enterprise data.
  3. Informatica: Informatica is a provider of enterprise cloud data management solutions that help companies drive data-driven digital transformations.
  4. Talend: Talend offers a suite of data integration and data integrity apps that help organizations create and maintain clean, complete and accessible data.
  5. Azure Data Factory: Azure Data Factory is a cloud-based data transformation service from Microsoft designed to capture, process and transform data from multiple sources.
  6. SaturnCloud: Saturn Cloud provides a platform that accelerates Python analytics and machine learning with parallel computing power.
  7. Diveplane: Diveplane is an AI tech company that develops and maintains understandable and transparent AI systems.

Automation and robotics

  1. Boston Dynamics: Known for its advanced robots that can be used for a variety of tasks.
  2. UiPath: Provides AI-driven Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.
  3. Security and monitoring
  4. Darktrace: Uses AI to detect and respond to cyber threats.
  5. Cylance: A cybersecurity company that uses AI for preventive threat detection and response.

Programming and code

  1. tabnine: Tabnine is an AI-driven coding wizard that helps developers code faster.
  2. replit: Replit is an online programming platform that allows users to write, compile and run code in the cloud.
  3. Darktrace: Darktrace provides an AI-based cybersecurity solution that responds to threats in IT systems in real time - ideal for manufacturing companies looking to protect their digital infrastructures.
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