AI promotes the usability of implicit knowledge

AI and tacit knowledge - guest article in Digital Business Cloud

Tim Filzinger

Since the 1990s, the management of intellectual capital in companies has been a theoretically sound and well-researched concept. Japanese researchers Ikujirō Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi found that the constant transformation of these resources is crucial. This is the only way to create long-term added value, which is based on implicit insights and intuition, for example. Accordingly, four different phases are decisive: socialization, externalization, combination and internalization.

As with many processes today, technology plays a key role in this - this now also applies to artificial intelligence. Thanks to new approaches such as multimodal language models, even the externalization of implicit knowledge can now be technically implemented. Our CEO Christopher Helm describes exactly how this works in a German-language Guest article for the trade magazine Digital Business Cloud.

The most important insights:

  • Until now, implicit knowledge was difficult to use technically
  • However, AI can now be used to accelerate knowledge transformation across the board
  • The multimodal voice models used for this require a high level of connectivity and precise integration
  • This means that even highly complex information carriers such as reports or presentations can be used
  • The development expertise of AI providers is particularly important for this

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