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Marketplace Marketplace AI AI

Konfuzio Marketplace: AI solutions developed by experts for you

The development and training of AI solutions regularly present organizations with major challenges. The commercially viable use of artificial intelligence...

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API integration

API integration with Konfuzio: the future of digitalization

For companies, digital transformation is more than just a buzzword. It is essential for success, a fundamental necessity...

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data mining

Data mining: definition, methods, areas of application & more

Our world is driven and shaped by data. Whether we're scrolling through social media feeds, making online purchases, or catching up on the latest news,...

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topic modeling for text data

Topic modeling - function, techniques and application

Wherever large amounts of relevant text data appear, the question arises as to what it contains. Of course this is...

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Document Process Services

Optimize processes with Document Process Services from Konfuzio

Manage your documents and company workflows efficiently with Document Process Services from Konfuzio. From creation to deletion...

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EDI converter

Efficient data management with the Konfuzio EDI converter

Traditional methods of document exchange are increasingly giving way to new, electronic processes. In the digital economy, the efficient transfer of data is therefore...

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Splitting AI Release Update

Splitting AI: AI-controlled document splitting with Konfuzio

Scanned documents often involve a considerable amount of manual processing. However, with the innovative Splitting AI feature from Konfuzio,...

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MJP for the communication of the justice system

MJP - What "My Justice Mailbox" means for the legal system

Since October 2023, "Mein Justizpostfach" has been in pilot operation and offers new opportunities for digital communication between the judiciary, lawyers, citizens and...

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Data integrity

Data integrity: the key to successful automation

Data is considered the "gold of the digital age". It is used as a currency, resource or bargaining chip and is collected almost everywhere:...

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AI debugging data overfitting underfitting performanceAI debugging data overfitting underfitting performance

Avoid overfitting & underfitting: AI Debugging Guide

Many people are enthusiastic about machine learning, but not everyone understands the complex challenges that make the use of machine learning...

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