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Konfuzio Marketplace AI AI Marketplace AI

Konfuzio Marketplace - Designed by experts for your AI solution

The development and training of AI solutions regularly present organizations with major challenges. The commercially viable use of artificial intelligence...

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Automation of customs documents

Optimize customs clearance through automation of customs documents

Customs brokers and clearance agents are the experts when it comes to moving goods across national borders and ensuring that...

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What cybercrime means

What cybercrime means

Cybercrime is a professional business nowadays. In the shadow economy, there are many online markets where illegal goods such as drugs, weapons,...

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DocuWare Alternative

All about DocuWare alternatives and Konfuzio as a smart add-on

Are you looking for a DocuWare supplement or suitable alternatives? Then this is the right article for you. A smooth document management...

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REST API - Definition, Function and Development

In 2000, computer scientist Roy Fielding and a group of developers decided to create a new standard for server communication,...

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Single Sign On - Function, Application and Role of AI

Single Sign On (SSO) is an elementary component of user authentication for companies. The service offers two advantages at the same time:...

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Dark processing - Function, Application and practical Examples

The consistent evaluation of data supports companies in optimizing their entire value chain. A particular challenge in this context proves to be the...

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Looking for an alternative to abbyy vantage

ABBYY Vantage Alternative - The Comparison

Not all companies agree with the requirements and costs of ABBYY Vantage and are looking for alternatives that are better suited to...

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ai models and their placement in subfields

AI Models - From Expert Systems to Neural Allrounders

In the discourse surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) models, closely related terms such as machine learning and neural networks often come up....

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European data strategy

The European Data Strategy should regulate the ownership of data

In a few days, on 24.09.2023, the Data Governance Act will become active. On this occasion, we inform you in this article...

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